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Wojo910 09-24-2019 02:30 PM

Offshore forecast
What marine forecasting apps and websites are folks using for the offshore forecasts here in NC/Wilmington area?

Reelknotty27 09-24-2019 02:53 PM

I use the wind finder app and then upgraded to pro. Pretty consistent

Wojo910 09-24-2019 03:21 PM

Does it give swell height and interval?

porcha 09-24-2019 03:26 PM,-68.16,6,1,157710,2

frosstyx 09-25-2019 09:09 PM

Reef cast is great, I love the graphs. 2.99/month and it is super accurate.

AB1620 09-26-2019 04:19 AM

I use reefcast and fishweather. I have the upgraded fishweather app which is I think 4 or 5 bucks a month. I can't remember. It has the navionics charts on there which is nice when you want a forecast for your specific area of fishing. I have found that long term reefcast is better but fishweather is very accurate with 48 hours. Real accurate within 24 when it comes to wind shifts or when the wind will pickup. It is typically on the money.

Abel 09-26-2019 05:03 AM

as much as NOAA sucks at fisheries management, they've been pretty spot on for the forecasts off Oregon Inlet lately.

nibble 09-26-2019 06:11 AM

Good info to have here.

lovemydog 09-26-2019 06:47 AM

Originally Posted by Wojo910 (Post 12959964)
Does it give swell height and interval?

yes it does. after you've gone through the site if you decide you like it you can make an account (free) and customize your preferences.

melnic 09-26-2019 06:50 AM

no matter what app, you have to pay attention to a number of things. Its not just the ever popular wave height and period.
Wind speed, wind gusts. Wind direction. all that plays BIG when you are looking at boating.

I'm looking at windfinder for inshore sunday and it shows 1.5-1.9 all day with period going from 11s up to 16s. Sounds great right? well, its going to start the day at 7kts then finish at 17knts with gusts to 21kts.
In other words, its going to be a snotty ride home.

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