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Mooring gear near Emerald Isle

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Default Mooring gear near Emerald Isle

I am on Bouge Sound near Salter Path. Our dock is 60' long but even at 150' I would only gain 2-3" of water depth and could only launch at a strong mid-tide or better. After just rebuilding the dock after Flo I've decided I'm not going to put a lot of money on the water to extend the dock and use a strap lift. I've gotten by with anchoring the boat on calm nights but I'm going to make a permanent mooring anchor. I bought a helical screw (4' shaft with an 8" disc on the bottom) that I am going to auger into the bottom using a turning bar. It rates with plenty of holding power for my small 17' boat. West Marine has a Taylor Made SurMoor T3C buoy with 2" center hole that allows the chain to pass through so you can attach to the top of the buoy.

Questions: Does West Marine at MHC have a good selection of mooring buoys, pendants, shackles, etc.? More mooring diagrams have a heavy chain off the anchor and then a light chain that is floated by the buoy. Given how shallow the water is the chain cost is not a big deal. I think I'll go with this design unless anyone sees issues with it. Could probably get away with a good 3-braid nylon rope and keep it fresh each season but seems just as easy to put in the chain and call it done for a couple of seasons. If anyone has thoughts I'm all ears. Thanks!
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Ace marine hardware in Morehead will have everything you need and cheaper than WM
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I have been buying my mooring tackle from Jamestown Distributors. Great selection and good advice.
Here is a link to short article about installing a mooring.
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Thanks guys. I’ll stop by Ace and keep Jamestown in mind if I need more in the future.
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I am almost across the sound from you and have a similar problem, so this was my solution;

I sunk a 10' 6" post to moor my boat from. Used Galvanized chain (enough to make 2 loose wraps at base of post), put a swivel shackle to connect the chain and bowline tied a remnant braided tugboat line to the chain and a bronze carabiner for the boat's bow eye. Use a large SS Nail to hang the carabiner on when the boat is not moored. I just go out in the late fall and pull my tackle up from the post soak it and put it away until the next season.
I have less than $200 in this set up and it has been working for years.
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