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Securing a large dolphin

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Not much to it. You can do it with the leader too. Do it on circle hook rigs when we unclip leader on boats that don’t have easy fish boxes to sling them into or when we are just trying to let them die to clean them right after (not in NC for all the internet police)
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Originally Posted by Bigwayne17 View Post
Can anyone offer a step-by-step explanation on how to apply this tail rope/head hook contraption? And might this work on other species?

I’m liking the “just put him in the boat and let him beat everything to hell” method less and less lately. I’ve almost lost my whole bucket of rigs a couple of times now and expensive rods also take a beating in some situations. However, the last thing I want is a dolphin with a 12/0 hook tail roped to him flopping around after I’ve missed the head hook part!

Gaff fish , as you are swinging over the rail grab the tail , put head on floor remove gaff , and bend the fish in a U shape . Insert hook and then tail wrap . If caught on bait we will use the leader , most of ours come on marlin lures so we use the rope . You can use the inside of your foot to hold the fish's head in place to bend if needed . There's really nothing to it , we do this with 50lb class fish all the time .

As was said above , in CR we clean them about 20 minutes later . They seem to die quicker when tied up like this .
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Get 4 gaffers on at once it’s a shit show and looks like you have gutted a hog in the boat. I just gaff throw in the boat and whoever has the fish grab leader and go to front of boat until all are on deck. Then we worry about getting them in the box I’d rather have them on deck than in the water. Takes about 2 mins with washdown and all is good. I love the pandemonium it’s what makes it, without it offshore fishing would be boring. The 60lb cobia I got a few weeks ago, I put the big boy flop on him, 3 hits with a ball bat and all was good with the world.
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Fingers thru eyes sedates them
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I don't like it at all. The first time it goes wrong and someone gets that hook in the calf I suspect a little fish flopping and blood won't seem too bad.
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Gaff to box. If one gets loose on deck, throw a towel over his head. That calms them down.
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gaff+fishbox=done deal
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The rodeo concept seems a bit much, but I have had a gaffer bull thrown on ice in the stern transom fishbox immediately and 5 minutes later, he knocked the lid open and back into the water he went. One of the more bizarre and frustrating events I’ve witnessed out there.
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Originally Posted by Vitamin_Sea View Post
Gaff to box. If one gets loose on deck, throw a towel over his head. That calms them down.

Finally!!! We use a towel over the fish to calm it down (it works like a champ) and allows for handling safely.
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Originally Posted by CapeFisher85 View Post
1. Open fish box
2. Gaff in the head
3. Directly into box
4. Latch the box
5. Get that skirt back out

No idea why anyone would want to go thru the steps/trouble of what OP is asking.........
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