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Rat Snake?

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Ignorance isn't really an excuse, if you can get close enough to kill a snake you can see what it is.. I'm by no means an animal rights hippie but I also don't kill things just because I'm not smart enough to identify them
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ALL snakes in North Carolina are dangerous! Highly dangerous - 'cause they'll frighten a fellow and cause him to act out, run into shit, and hurt himself.
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Good move on not killing it.

Saw this black racer saturday at my folks house. Every bit of 7' long. Really cool animals. Good snakes are nice to have around.

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Originally Posted by NC_Native View Post
ALL snakes in North Carolina are dangerous! Highly dangerous - 'cause they'll frighten a fellow and cause him to act out, run into shit, and hurt himself.
and scream like a little girl-- ask me how I know

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Originally Posted by gillnetflounderman View Post
some of us were raised by parents that emphasized the value of humans along with our pet animals . Snakes were not on their list as creatures of highest concern. Last time I checked some snakes and spiders are deadly to both humans and pets and since the average person or dog can't tell the difference then why take the chance? My Mama also taught me not to touch a downed utility line since it was impossible to know if it was a live wire or not by simply looking at it.
There are only 4 snakes in NC that will hurt you, and 1 of those (rattlesnake) will let you know audibly. The other three are pretty easily identifiable (copperheads, coral snakes and water moccasins)

If you can identify a fish, you can identify a snake.
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I have a few black racers that live on the property and last year while I was walking with a contractor one of them came out of
a brush pile and went right between his legs. That dude freaked. Never heard from him again, nothing!
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Interesting, I run across this one particular black snake every other day, getting kinda weird, he is a traveler, I am tolerating him and his brother but that don't mean I like it. Hope the rumor about poisonous snakes not being around is true.
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We've two racers that play in the dunes beside the house. Fast animals, have to be quick to see them.
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