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Default Proper Use of Brownell Boat Stands

Sailboat Stands - User Manual

This thread outlines the proper use and selection of Brownell Boat Stands. Here we will take a look at using and selecting stands for use with sailboats or other full-keeled boats. Keep an eye out for future posts regarding use with powerboats, or visit our website at for more information!

  • We recommend using 6 or more stands.
  • Begin by placing the stands an even distance from each other along the boat – see Figure 1 above.
  • If the boat still has the rigging on, you will want to add an extra set of boat stands to ensure that the vessel remains safe in heavy winds.
  • Utilize the large size keel stands or wooden keel support (block) below the front and back of the keel construction to ensure that the base is stable for the boat.
  • We recommend using a small piece of plywood beneath each leg to prevent the leg from sinking if the ground is loose in any way (i.e., dirt, gravel, sand, etc.)
  • Turn the boat stand until the front (shorter) leg points against the boat’s center line – see Figure 2 above.

  • Place the sailboat stands with the adjustment screw in a 90-degree angle to the hull of the boat - see Figure 3 above.
  • Put the security chain in the small groove, and tighten by gently pulling the stand backwards - see Figure 4 above.
  • If one pair of your boat stands are placed facing the keel – or if the boat has a longer keel – pull the security chain below the keel and up on the other side - see Figure 4 above.
  • For additional stability at the bow, use a stand that has a V-top.

NOTE: Never tie your cover on the stand, as it might pull them both away in a heavy wind. Tie the cover independently.

Sailboat Stands - Selecting Number and Size

How Many Brownell Boat Stands for a Sailboat?

We recommend that you always use a minimum of five stands. The number of the stands required using the Brownell Boat Stand System is based upon the length of the boat - see Recommendations below, or check out the Boat Stand Selector on our website for more information. For sailboats that have the rigging in, we recommend adding an extra pair of stands; additionally, if the boat is particularly heavy in the bow or the stern, we recommend using an extra stand for support to reduce the amount of pressure on the hull.

Brownell V-Top sailboats stands should be used in the bow to ensure the boat stays centered on the stand.

** Make sure that you have read and understand the Brownell Boat Stand System installation manual before you use our boat stands for sailboat storage. For more information, visit our website or call us anytime.

Basic Recommendations:
  • < 30 feet = 5 stands, 2 per side and 1 bow
  • 30-40 feet = 7-9 stands, 3-4 per side and 1 bow
  • 40-55 feet = 9-11 stands, 4-5 per side and 1 bow
  • > 55 feet = 13 stands or more, 6+ per side and 1 bow

There are 8 different sizes of boat stands for sailboats with up to a 13 foot draft. Adding the draft with the height of keel support, and subtracting 6 inches, you should have a number that would be best recommended. It is important to always try to have as much variation on both sides of the value in order to ensure better flexibility, based upon the ground and keel support height.

Sizing Information
  • SB 10.5 – 123 to 140 inches
  • SB 9 – 108 to 125 inches
  • SB 8 – 95 to 101 inches
  • SB 0 – 79 to 96 inches
  • SB 1 – 64 to 79 inches
  • SB 2 – 58 to 65 inches
  • SB 3 – 35 to 52 inches
  • SB 4 – 24 to 36 inches
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