Relocating freshwater tank

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Default Relocating freshwater tank

I currently have a 30 gallon freshwater tank taking up a whole lot of room inside my center console. There is a hatch just in front of the console that is covered by a cooler, so the hatch doesn't get opened very much, if at all. I wanted to remove the big tank and put a smaller tank in that hatch. The pump and fill port are inside the console. I don't really want to move those.

My fuel tank is directly under the console and runs aft. A bulkhead separates the hatch from the tank, but there is a cut out where the fuel fill feeds into the tank. So what I would need to do, for easiest installation, would be cut a hole in the deck inside the console so I could run a longer fill hose to the tank and a new hose from the tank to the pump. I could run the hose through the current cutout of the bulkhead.

My thought would be to use a flange or boot attached to the deck to keep things tidy and try to keep things from possibly falling on top of the fuel tank.

Other than being careful not to nick anything, wiring, fuel tank itself, is there any concern with having the cut out through the deck in this area.

I know the fuel tank sender is connected to a NMEA 2000 backbone and that cable is fed through the deck under the console, so there conceivably is already one much smaller hole there. That's currently covered up or behind the big water tank in place now, so I can't tell until I remove everything if that is siliconed in, which I assume it would be. If so, couldn't I use some type of flange and then silicone around the water hose.

Just thinking this through out loud for feedback. I appreciate your thoughts.
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pics are usually helpful...
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Unfortunately I don't have photos on my phone of the area and the boat is at storage right now. I tried to be specific with the description of the area where I'm talking about. But I guess the issue can be simplified to is there any concern having a hole in the deck above the fuel tank. Thanks.
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Could you easily access the new tank location. If so, c ou yodnt you just fill through a cap. I would think it might try to get air locked or fill really slow with the line running like you described. I just open the hatch and unscrew the cap and fill on my boat but not sure if that's an option for you. The suction line shouldn't be a problem.
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