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Default 1997 Mercury 115 rebuild

I had some issues the last few months after not using the not much last year. I was running rough and stalling. Had the carbs rebuilt and was told all was good and she was running well. First trip out, running really rough and eventually died and could not start again. Turned over but drained battery so had to call Seatow. I pulled the plugs and the bottom two looked to have water on them.

I took the boat back to the shop that did the carbs and he said I am getting water in the cylinder(s) and a rebuild will likely cost more than the motor is worth so I should start looking for a new motor.

I would like to tear it down to try to see where the water is coming from and possibly fix it. I've never attempted a rebuild but do most work on my cars and boats. I probably would not attempt a rebuild on a motor with a lot of value but if I have nothing to lose with this one then I may try.

I will likely have a lot of questions but for now:
The motor is seized. The shop said this is from water in the crankcase. Not really sure what is causing it to seize if it was cranking ok then stopped. Is it ok to put a breaker bar on the nut on the flywheel or do I need an adapter to thread in to the flywheel (the one used for lifting)?

Last winter I had a crack in the cover on the spark plug side that look like it was pushed out. Likely that water was sitting in there and cracked it so I guess it is possible that water was sitting somewhere else and cracked the block. If this is the case, will it most likely be hard to find or obvious? What are some things I should look for when trying to find the water source?

My plan right now is to remove the lower unit and try to free the crankshaft. Then remove the powerhead and start taking it down to look for corrosion or damage.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Chances are water set on the crankshaft and rusted the bearings and the rods and crank now look like a wash board. Take it apart and look at it what do you have to lose but a little time.
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Got a look at the crank...not pretty
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find another one . . . there's nothing left to save. Save your lower, mid, and ignition for parts.
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