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Default Neutral Safety Switch Bypass on a Yamaha 90 - These Wires?

Hi Everyone,

I am troubleshooting a neutral safety switch issue on my 90 Yamaha. I understand its fairly easy to bypass the switch in the motor, and I'm still safe since there's one in the controls.

These two brown wires in the photo, is it as easy as disconnecting them from their current plugs and plugging them in together to bypass the safety switch?

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The wire in your photo looks more orange than brown. It does not look like the brown neutral safety switch wire to me.

Does the wire in the photo go to the starter solenoid?

There is generally only one neutral safety switch. It is in the throttle/shift control box.

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There is only one NSS that I'm aware of,, it's in the binnacle. I cut and spliced the wires comming out of the binnacle (brown) to verify the NSS was the problem. It was. I suspect you could do it at the motor was well,,, it was easier for me at the binnacle. Also watch out for the tilt/trim wires. Now I need to figure out how to get the binnicale apart to replace the switch. The problem is everything is corroded.
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I know this is an old thread but having the same issue. Installed a 2002 yamaha 2 stroke on a 1963 Boston Whaler. It has a single old style morse control so no neutral safety switch. Can someone tell me what wires at the motor I need to bypass? I connected the 10pin harness to a single key panel and when I turn the key nothing happens.
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It's easier to disable it in the binnacle.
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