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Default quick one...carb gaskets on johnson ocean runner

1993 175 hp oceanrunner....

leaking fuel at the carbs and throttle body bowls, carb kits and tb gaskets arrived today per my wife...the carbs are sitting on my bench apart right now...i am pleased with how easy these engines are to work on...

just wondering what is best for holding the squigly rubber gaskets in place when installing the thrttle bodies and carbs....

i had one carb off last year and used a very light coat of silicone paste (lube-not sealer) and it worked well but left light white deposits i noticed when i pulled it back apart this year...

thought there might be some good ideas here...

side note...i use gas shok fuel additive...when i bought the boat the fuel system was a mess and very dirty...i drained the tank and filled with treated gas...replaced the filter twice early on and ran into no running problems other than the first time out...when i pulled the carbs apart last week i was thrilled at how spotless they were inside...including the needles and all passages...not even varnish deposits and the boat sat almost all winter this year due to some other commitments...i was hesitant to get full carb kits but for the price on it wasnt worth not going through them all...the entire fuel system is spotless and squeaky clean including the tank which was filthy...the additive seems to do a great job...
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gasket maker/sealer is sticky and will hold it in place. Use JUST ENOUGH to hold as you want the gasket to seat correctly. I like the black oil/fuel resistant kind that comes in a small tube. Clean the surface thorougly with a tootbrush and a dab of acetone and then just use a little thin film.
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