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Default Odd F200 NMEA CONNECTOR?


I got the backbone all in place, now it's time to hook up my new NMEA YAMAHA cable and ... the plugs are different! I'd upload pictures but I've not enough posts. But the white plug on the engine is a 2-hole plug, and not the expected 4-hole plug??

My engine is an F200 2006 model but manufactured 12/05. The ECU number on the printout is 60L0591A31 so if that A31 means anything the engine should be of sufficient age. Right??

Is there an adapter that I need to purchase?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
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Yes, the -31 ECM is fully "Command Link" / NMEA 2000 capable.

There are several unconnected / capped off plugs - the one you want is there,
should be coming off the main harness in the bottom of the cowling,
look on the port side, front,
a few inches back from the big black main connector.

It may or may not have yellow tape on it.

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Thanks for replying. I dug around deep and did find another plug I'd missed, this one with four blue spots. It was buried and trapped beneath some wiring.
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