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Duck hunting bay boat

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Buy nice boat for fishing. Buy a $1000 heap of shit you have to bail out with half a bleach bottle every half hour for duck hunting.
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I have a SeaArk BX220 and it is the perfect do all boat. Gets skinny enough, runs over anything I need it to and still handles rough water with ease.
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Are you hunting sea ducks or puddle ducks? You can always haul layout boats and hunt from there...
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That is a very tough compromise. I hunt the bay here in NW FL where I live and have the same delima as you. Most any boat that is large enough, and with enough “v” in the hull, to handle a bay chop, especially during early morning darkness, often will be too cumbersome and draw too much to access some of the back waters that are productive for hunting. Especially with the negative low tides that we see in winter.

This is what I use. Basic Carolina Skiff 16 DLX that I had painted Yeti tan. Great for the skinny back waters, not so much for open water. I’m probably moving to something like a Prodigy 1960 which will be somewhat better in open water and still allow for shallow water use due to its light weight.
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If you want a true compromise boat you need a 22ft Xpress H22 bay. I've been in a lot of boats and nothing rides like that hyperlift hull. Rides better than a lot of fiberglass boats.

I bought it for similar reason as you. I wanted to inshore fish, duck hunt, and hog hunt out of it. I've done it all in that boat. Heck I've been 30 miles offshore in it. Caught tons of snapper out of it.

Never thought I would sell it but the offshore bug bit me and I needed a more capable self bailing boat for offshore, so I bought a 24ft Kenner. Bought a 1760 xpress for ducks. Works great but obviously rides much worse than the 22 in a chop.

It's a compromise though. The 22s too big for most duck blinds, it takes several big nets to hide it well, and a little on the big side for push poling. For a bay boat it gets hot as a firecracker in the sun
You still never mentioned how/where you typucally hunt. For my area I find a 16-17ft tiller more versatile for duck hunting than a large center console. So I would probably go with a 2170 blazer bay and a 16-17 Xpress tiller if I were you. But if your dead set on only one boat you won't be dissapointed with an H22 bay....


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Maycraft or c hawk will do any of their models in duck green and have models from 20-23.

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Or, if Money is no Object, get you a new Intruder.
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I'm not sure if they have one to exactly fit the bill, pun intended, but I'd buy a Havoc if I wanted a duck boat.

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