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Boat name poll

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Originally Posted by uncljohn View Post
One thing - consider if one of your patients sees your boat on your facebook page (or heck on THT). If the wrong person sees the wrong name (anything with tuna, fishy, snatch, pie, etc) then you won't be an OB/GYN for very long.
Exactly. Live in a smallish town and everyone knows everyone else! Agreed liking breaking water and sea section. Some very creative offerings for sure!
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Everyone should name their vessels after these:

(Mine is the Killing Time)

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We are a family of 6 with a 27 foot Center Console. Our last initial is "C". We named the boat Salty "C's". The kids love it. Not all cool and stuff but a little punny. Don't get stuck on the Dr. theme. Go with what works and sounds good.
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Actually I kind of like "dastork"
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Reel Labor
Reel Labia
Steer up
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Maybe shorten "Breaking Water" to "Breakwater." Sounds more boat-namey to me. Se Section's not bad either, but I agree that there might be other non-punny names that are better. I'm not a fan of pun names unless they're really smart.
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Love it. Favour Sea Section. Fellow MD here, respirologist (you Americans call us pulmonologists). My recently replaced boat was The Black Lung.

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Box Cutter
Box Office
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Originally Posted by HD4Mark View Post
Actually I kind of like "dastork"
I was thinking the same thing! Da Stork
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I’m also an ob/gyn, my last boat was the sea section. Very well received name.

I would also consider

Not on Call

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Knew an ob/gyn years ago who named his boat "Miss Conception".
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I like Sea Section

Knew a guy years ago that made a lot of money in the 80s with stocks in condom companies as AIDS was coming out. Bought himself a nice boat and named it Rubbermade
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Originally Posted by JCC123 View Post
Box Cutter
Box Office
I was going to say it's a bad idea to ask THT to help name your boat... But, that is awesome!!!

But, bad idea to have THT help name your boat
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I'm usually pretty bad at this, but I think "Due Date" has a nice ring to it. It's also family friendly
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"Slappin' Ass"

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Oh Bee Gee Whining
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sea section is a winner...
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