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Skinny Water Boat

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Originally Posted by Kenner 23 View Post

In no particular order; ALWELD, Southfork, Alumiweld, these are boats designed specifically to run tunnels in La Marsh and were designed from local input. I have never seen a g3 tunnel used down here in the marsh and I’m betting that name will increase the price for zero benefit.
Blacks Outdoor in Lafayette knows tunnel hulls as does Jerry’s Marine in Sulphur and Sportsman in abbeville La. You can also go custom with some local builders, pm me for a list.

Second that opinion. However a 15” prop in 10” of water destroys grass and digs a hole in sand. A no no in FL.. You want to go shallower n 8-10” o water get an aluminumnum airboat. Or lift motor and pole throught.

Dont trust salesmen. They dont care you get a hefty fine

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Yep. If you're going back country in FL, it most usually spells airboat. Go anywhere. Don't hurt the terrain. A 4 cyl lycoming on a 12' Hammant hull will take you and a friend just about anywhere. You could go fiberglass and put poly on the bottom.
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Ozello / Crystal River is a different animal than most of you guys are use to. The bottom is lime rock based, not sand based. If your skeg or hull touches it, it will more than likely not be there or need to be fixed afterwards.
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Surface drive mud buddy motor on a g3. I have the mud motor on a TDB. Works great
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That Texas Tunnel hull has the prop running in the tunnel so aside a from the prop wash blasting the bottom there is no contact of the prop or skeg with the bottom. when on plane and with the motor on the highest jackplate setting the hull will be 5 inches off the bottom in 10 inches of water. Those hulls may have angled tunnels 8 inches high.

Its not unusual in the summer in Key West to see STV tunnel boats going to Snipes running surfacing props go across shallow flats leaving no prop scars on the bottom.

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Texas boats are great until you smash them into a rock and bust up the fiberglass. I won't argue they run skinny I'll argue they aren't tough enough.
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I appreciate everyones input here, Im really having a hard time picking a boat that will do what I want, be built to last and cost less than $35K
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I live on Dixie Bay near Ozello so I figured I would chime in.

I have a 180 SeaArk mudeunner with a modified 35 Gator Tail. This boat works great around here and is no where near as expensive to buy or maintain as an airboat. No it won’t run dry ground, but there is not to many areas to do that anyway. I can pretty much go anywhere I want.

Strictly a backwater boat though, doesn’t like chop at all. Also the manatees can’t hear it, I have ran over two of the bastards
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1st boat, shallow water, oysters or hard bottom, and a budget of $35K... I'd be looking at Sabine aluminum skiffs at the top of your budget.
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Unsure if they're still building boats, but go to Scandy White and have them build one for you.

Scandy-White Boats Inc. ? The best aluminum boats on the water
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