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Engine vs Motor

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motor is easier to spell than engine .
i don't really care the technical difference ..
just wanted to see where this thread goes .
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Originally Posted by Gator97dwb View Post
So we really have outboard engines but just say outboard motor because it sounds better?
I don't know why people do what they do. You can call it whatever you like, I was only explaining the difference.

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English changes constantly, slang enters the language, and words may mean something else over time.

There are often technical names for common items but the public normally uses the popular nomenclature of the times and those become accepted and recognizable terms.

Here is fodder for another discussion - what is the technical name and what are the common terms? is it a light, a bulb, a light bulb, or a lamp ?
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Winter ain't over yet? Next..."What kinda oil do you use?"

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Based upon watching old western movies I thought engines were native americans.
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No public engine boating permitted?

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Originally Posted by keith ohanesian View Post
How many people here know the difference? Doesn't seem like many really do.

Must be a LOT of snow up there in Yankee land 😂
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Originally Posted by raptor660 View Post
An engine reciprocates. A motor rotates.

What about Wankels? They're eccentric.
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Originally Posted by tprice View Post

Must be a LOT of snow up there in Yankee land 😂
Agreed, dude must bored as hell. I just got done cleaning a snook and my boat. I even washed the motor, er engine. Whatever, it's 84° right now.
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Thumbs up Gotta love it...

Originally Posted by SRQMynatt View Post
Not sure but I think a know-it-all will be along shortly to educate us.
Clearly SRQMynatt is a seasoned forum reader!
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Originally Posted by VTXrider View Post

If you ask me the difference its internal combustion vs not internal combustion but really who cares?
I believe an engine is a subset of a motor. That means you can refer to gas engines as engines or motors, just like cars vs vehicles.
To further complicated things, even though a gas engine is a specific type of motor, the term "engine" refers to the motor and additional bits.

This has come up multiple times over the years.
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