2008 Yamaha 250

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Default 2008 Yamaha 250

Any problems to look out for on a Yamaha 250 4 stroke. It has about 4-500 hours.
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Read the tab "Corrosion Where and Why"...... Look at the photo of the thermostat housing where a hole has rotted into it...... When it blows out at speed, Your motor will ingest a stream of salt water as it sprays into the airbox intake...
I would pull the thermostat and feel around for heavy pitting before buying one...
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Originally Posted by bdog1 View Post
Any problems to look out for on a Yamaha 250 4 stroke. It has about 4-500 hours.
Not really much at 400 to 500 hours. That is basically a new engine. That engine is pretty much bullet proof if used and maintained properly. 400 hours is pretty light usage for a 2008 model. That would raise a flag for me to make sure it was maintained and not just sitting with no use for long periods. Mine are 2007s and have a out 1800 hours. My guide friend got 5300 and 4700 hours out of his but the were used daily.
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I have (2) 2006 F250s I bought used with my boat which currently have only 730 hours of which I put about 300. As Kevindog states, they are better running a lot than a little and I wish I had the time to use mine more but they run perfect when they run and where I am they sit all winter as it's no fun for an old guy like me to freeze and get wet in the Jersey winter anymore like I did as a kid. When I heard about the corrosion issue, I had my Yamaha mechanic scope and inspect; he found no problem with my engines and explained that it was a hit or miss in 2006; most problems 2005 (and earlier) and primarily with the 225s. So, 2008 should be no issue. I absolutely love these engines having owned a 2016 E-tec G1 250, I find the Yamaha to be better overall build quality (like a lot of stuff just works better like the lids go on and off nicely, anodes come off and go on easy, the flush is much easier, nicer controls and the components just look and seem heavier duty). The F250 is so quiet compared to the G1. I owned and ran both boats at the same time so was able to compare directly. Yes, the 2-stroke is "faster" if that's your deal - ramming the throttle and racing someone but if you are anything like me and look for longevity, quality and talk about smooth, they (Yamaha) are wonderful. The hours mentioned are minimal provided the engines were taken care of. Have them plugged in and gone over by someone Yamaha qualified and you will be happy I am sure. Good luck.
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I have not even seen the motor in person. Going to have a look Friday. So it should not have any corrosion issue.
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I have twin Yamaha 250’s. 11 years old now with 500hrs. Run flawlessly.
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