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Boat damaged in driveway

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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
BAD info, you need to file a claim against the other party/insurance. If you file a claim against yours you are subject to deductible and your premium will increase.
How do you know his premium will increase? You don't even know who he is insured with and if they surcharge for a not at fault claim.
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OP can hire a transporter to come to his home, remove the boat from the trailer. if the trailer is not driveable call a flatbed to come get it. transporter will either bring the boat to a shop for an estimate of repair or if the boat isnt damaged leave it blocked up in the driveway until the replacement trailer is available. This would all be covered as part of the claim process.
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Originally Posted by Avid 24 View Post
This would not typically be covered under homeowners. It is covered under the liability/property damage section of the drivers insurance. I would have the drivers insurance carrier Allstate handle it. At this point no need to involve any other parties. SOP would be they come and take a look at it and/or you provide estimates for repair or replacement whatever is needed and then go from there.

You could certainly file it with your own carrier, but that will be subject to whatever boat and trailer coverage you may or may not have and likely would involve you laying out your deductible and then seeking recovery via subrogation from the drivers coverage.

Full disclosure I am an insurance agent.
^^^^ THIS
Been down this road (pun intended) with insurance. When my daughter had an accident where the other driver was at fault, their insurance was dragging their heels. After a couple of weeks of ZERO action, I contacted State Farm to subrogate the claim. Suddenly the other carrier got moving on the claim. I will say that we paid zero out of pocket for this, BUT when the next renewal came up, State Farm cited the subrogation when her rates went up. According to them, State Farm (and others) assigns points to every action they take along with MVR record, and rates are adjusted according to your points (along with general annual increases). So it *appears* that you are penalized for subrogation. This is only based upon what my carrier specifically told me and my agent reluctantly confirmed it. I will say that the increase was slight.

Long story short: I only use subrogation if the at-fault carrier's insurance is stonewalling or heavily delaying progress. But in the OP's case I would be moving that direction.

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5 pages and still no pictures? Lame
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Originally Posted by View Post
Years ago I had been a customer of an insurance for many years without any claims or payouts. I got cancelled because basically I hadn't had an accident for many years, so statistically I was due for an accident and they wanted out before an accident occurred. Seems it is legal for them to do that.
The BS meter just hit 1000.
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