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Suzuki issues

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Default Warranty issues

A shame your having these issues. As a former marine dealer with Suzuki, mercury/Brunswick, Johnson/ Omc
they all have a few different requirements.
All Suzuki warranty repairs required the dealer to save all repaired/ broken/defective parts and to photo the job before/during/after. The customer was invited to see all of it
and sign off . The area service rep stopped every three months to go over the warranty’s and wanted to ship back any defective parts to cure furture issues. We would run the engine , if possible , to find the issues. If not do a deep inspection. Disassemble the minimum to find the problems. If you had an upper oil seal leak there would be an end cap with a crank bearing and two seals pressed in to keep oil pressure in the crankcase.
there would be an o ring on that end cap. If repairs we poorly done they should have been found when they ran it before giving it to you.
I would ask to see the parts and photos of what they did.
If they are unwilling to let you see them, make them run the motor before you sign off and take it.

you can write a certified letter to corporate. They will listen, I can assure you.

Suzuki Corp.
Imperial Hey.
Brea, California

you had comments about a faulty sensor leaking oil.
i would show that to your dealer, he may be unaware of that issue .

best of luck

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If you’re sure the engine has not been underwater, why the heck do you continue to mention it? I have fairly good reading comprehension, but the way your stating things and repeating things that shouldn’t be involved is making this whole thing confusing. Obviously, you’re pretty stressed about the issue and that you may be on the hook for an expensive repair, but slow down some. Be very clear about FACTS and don’t add conjecture.

What I think we know is you had a problem. Dealer supposedly repaired the problem. You ran the boat and it started leaking oil all over. You took boat back to dealer. That’s when they mentioned a bit of rust on the crank. But, they still haven’t torn the motor apart to find/fix the leak. Instead, they warned you that the rust they saw, but didn’t address in the initial repair or mention during the initial repair, might be the cause of the oil leak. And, that if the TSM comes out, he might void your warranty because of that rust. So, let’s say the TSM comes out and there is rust. So what? That doesn’t mean you or the previous owner are at fault. As mentioned already, there are times when properly maintained things go bad. There are times when properly built things go bad. Hence, a warranty. They’d need to prove neglect. If you mention the chance of the boat being sunk, you really should be kicked in the nuts until you can’t speak. Let them postulate why the crank has rust. Then, ask them, if it was rusty, why did their dealer make a repair leaving a rusty part? That would not shine a nice light on that dealer. From what I think you’ve said/meant, sounds like the dealer goofed and is trying to cover their butt, and doesn’t want the TSM out to see they messed this one up.

Now, because you’ve frequently brought up the sunk thing, I’m somewhat wondering that you really think that’s a concern. Maybe you got a screaming deal on a low hour boat and now you’re wondering “if this is why”. But, Suzuki still needs to prove it. So, if there isn’t an insurance claim on the boat, there isn’t other indicative corrosion, there isn’t moisture in the transom, etc., they’d be hard pressed to successfully argue a sunk boat and deny the warranty claim.

I say get the Rep out, ask the dealer, while the rep is there, why did you not tell me about a rusty crank and why did you reinstall it. You should feel that you have nothing to hide.

I hope you get get things squared away.
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Update: the second dealer tore the engine completely down and found internal damage to the engine. The second seal is leaking due to a chip in the block where the seal meets. Suzuki is coming to investigate how that could have happened. Or how the first dealer could have "missed this chip". But it seems that outboard had taken water at some point I guess due to the rust inside the engine.
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