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Ceramic coating

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Originally Posted by WavetoWave View Post
Not all ceramic coatings are equal. There is a comprehensive overview of the process in this article, including materials used, by a professional. Even on a new boat, you still need to prepare the surface.

In my opinion, a proper ceramic coating will outlast a wax, and be more durable in respect to scratches and water spots. The cost is very much to do with the labor, so a good preparation and waxing vs a preparation and ceramic coating, are both time consuming, with a small difference in cost.

Before and after, from the article:

Attachment 1094510

Attachment 1094511

The coating used in the article you mentioned seems to be the most over hyped/over priced of any in my opinion. Heck, they sell ceramic fabric and glass coatings with the Gold package....big red flag. Ceramics on fabrics, lol. That product package is significantly (multiple x) more $$ than the same sanding and polishing process and using 3m, Starbrite, any mainstream brand poly sealant as final topcoat. I don't blame the applicators, they are getting hosed on the product cost from manufacturer and probably have to cover cost of warranty re-applications. I have "no dog in this hunt", not promoting any brand. I did spend many years in detailing, painting, restoring finishes on high end cars and boats. My schedule for my boats (varies by uv and salt exposure) but in Florida with a new or restored finish, i wash down using a disposable hardwater filter, dry with quick spray detailer every other wash, poly sealant wipe on/wipe off 2x per year for polished surfaces (takes an hour on a 26' CC). Pay a guy at high dry $30/hr to for the cost of the gold package ceramic, i could pay $500 to compound, glaze, poly. Then re-poly 2x per year for 10 years.
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Using it....
Had my Entire 24' CC coated with GlideCoat. that was back in June. Coming up on the 1 year soon. Still beading, cleans easily. Nothing sticks... Whats the question..?
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I was just quoted by a Ceramic Pro installer in Los Angeles. $184/ft for a 24.5ft bay boat. Are you kidding? Anyone have any recommended installers in the Southern Cali?
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Originally Posted by Lateral Line View Post
I was just quoted by a Ceramic Pro installer in Los Angeles. $184/ft for a 24.5ft bay boat. Are you kidding? Anyone have any recommended installers in the Southern Cali?
That’s a new record lol. I had an entire seawall ripped out and replaced. Solid poured concrete wall and footer with low carbon steel rebar and a 6ft return every 12ft ....WITH a 6ft wide cap done for FAR less per ft.


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