Honda BF150 corrosion issues?

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Default Honda BF150 corrosion issues?

I have exhausted google and not really found any solid info on possible corrosion issues with these motors. I started researching after finding a 2007 BF150 that had damage to the cylinder head water jacket from corrosion. I can get the motor pretty cheap but was wondering if this corrosion is often isolated to certain areas of the motor or if possibly the motor may have other problem areas. I was told by the owner that you could look through the water jacket in the head right into the exhaust port. The Owner says it almost looks like electrolysis or something was involved as it does not really look corroded but more just ate through in that one spot. Anyhow, I have not gone to look at the motor yet but I plan to do so today or tomorrow. The Head is off the motor but the owner has a brand new head ready to be installed included.

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I have a pair of 2006 BF150's and have not read about or experienced any corrosion issues...

But i am pretty anal about using CorrosionX and Fluid Film on most every part I can reach. I pulled the skirts to paint them, and while apart wire brushed and coated a few bolt heads.

I do know that when I changed thermostats after only 300 hrs they looked pretty gunked up, even tho I flush regularly. I have started flusing with the motors warmed up and t-stats open.
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