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33 Invincible Starving for fuel

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Check your freshwater wash down tank for a fuel smell ha. Seriously though I hope it's simply a mis labeling situation that went unnoticed initially. Love the 33 INV it might be my favorite twin engine fishing CC, would love to have one down the line.
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Originally Posted by Extractor View Post
Lazy bones..... Showed me the way. Too funny. Did your 33 come with a manual?

When did you get your 36? Trip 300's..... I'm sure I'll see you in grand if you have it. Congrats

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll see you there, was just there sun/mon.

no manual with the 33...I was pleasantly surprised to get one with the 36...I will say that Invincible seems to constantly improve the product. There are plenty of changes for the better on new build...took delivery in August, V350’s. Originally ordered F300’s, but Yamaha shortage of ‘18 got me to switch. 100h so far no problems.

OP, good luck, hopefully just labeled incorrectly. I would be willing to bet that the Saddle and OFF position labels are reversed. On my 36 it is a 180, not a 90degree throw between tanks...I am almost 100% certain my 33 was a 180 degree throw as well.

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Yes I did get a manual that looks just like yours. You are correct the labels are 180 out. Thank you everyone problem solved. I’m so glad it was a simple fix because I love the boat it rides great even in the slop.
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