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Dissapointed Contender 39FA owner

Old 12-11-2018, 05:16 PM
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Blasphemy. A Contender is not a perfect boat?
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In full transparency,I paid 473K
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Wow, hope it gets all sorted out.
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Is it possible Contender just washed their hands of this boat?
Maybe just too many issues and no economic way out for them. Seeing negative threads about their product may have been a turnoff to corporate.
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"Mechanic said water intrusion which meant instant void of warranty. Neither Contender nor Westerbeke would support me or meet me in the middle"

all bilge's and lights are failing
did you get it on cooperss ?
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Man, That really is a bad deal and VERY disappointing to hear about a company with the reputation Conteder has for build very nice off shore boats that perform well, however. If they will not backup their product as you have made claims, they really are no better than a less expensive production boat just trying to make margins during a specific selling period. I'm disappointed, thought Conteder would have been better than that if everything you state is the "hull truth".
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There are ALOT of things to love about Contenders, but standing behind their product, warranty service and Joe Neber are not them. If you poke around google, Joe Neber Lawsuit is an interesting read. I’m sorry you have had so many problems with a fantastic boat, it’s stories like this that sours people on boating
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Contender Fit, Finish and build quality isn't even close to the high end boats. I would be embarrassed the prices they wanted at the boat show compared to much better boats.

Hell my piece of crap Sea Hunts boats would transfer warranties and warranty many things to second owners of SH boats. Bend over backwards to make you happy. Even second owners of boats.
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Sorry to hear the frustration you are dealing with. Pictures will help squelch the speculation that we are only hearing half the story.

As a manufacturer I know that sometimes customers create their own problems but I can also say that humans in manufacturing can make mistakes. It's how a company addresses those mistakes and corrects those issues that sets them apart in either a good or bad way.
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Not having a transferable hull warranty tells me they don't have much confidence in their own product!! Glad to see Contender's customer service still sucks & has for a long time. You would think they would learn from their mistakes but people still buy into the hype for some reason? Probably one reason the top 3 are doing so well!!!
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Sorry to hear of your problems. Good luck. My thoughts are Contender is known to have super crappy customer service and I think their reputation is riding on days past when there were fewer choices. Nothing aesthetically pleasing about the boats at all. T tops are ugly and not much bow flair. It amazes me how a 100 K bay boat can have high end Llebroc seats and Contender is using those plain Jane basic seats with no flip up bolsters, arm rests, or style on the 25 Bay. People need to move on from Contender
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Originally Posted by Egis View Post
"Mechanic said water intrusion which meant instant void of warranty. Neither Contender nor Westerbeke would support me or meet me in the middle"

all bilge's and lights are failing
did you get it on cooperss ?
the boat was NOT PURCHASED THROUGH COOPER CAPITOL, The failure was due to ingesting water through the exhaust.
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So let me get this straight... You bought a used boat from a private party and are upset with the manufacturer over things that very well may not even be warranty items or manufacturer defect in the first place?

What it sounds like to me is that Contender assisted once when they didn't have to with the listing issue and then when your generator broke you thought you'd squeeze them again but it didn't work.

Also, if Westerbeke certified the install what on earth would the boat builder have to do with this? If the install was good or as you put it "minimum standards" but the generator ingested water that would be operator error in my book.

We as a society need to start taking personal responsibility.
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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
Virtually every new boat will have some issues, I had issues [minor] with my new boats, BUT those manufacturers have a great support valuation in making sure their customers are 100% satisfied. Sorry to hear of your issues but they are not insurmountable, all mechanical things can get fixed.
So true Jack, well said; kwgst01 what I was thinking but maybe the OP has more to elaborate on.

Here is my THT 2 cents: sorry to hear about this OP. I hear you on the non-tranferability issue, other respected manufacturers do the same. More I think of it though, as a self-employed business owner myself, and if I owned a boat company, why would I warranty a boat for 10 years (offshore boats take a massive amount of beating compared to other modes of transportation), say there were 6-7 owners in that time period that beat the crap out of the boat, where would that leave me the business owner. I also see the other side of the argument guys, no need to bounce.

I have owned 5 Contenders, 4 Yellowfins, 2 Invincibles and one Fountain and have seen my share of "what the hell" moments on the other boats (all brand new too!!) I have owned leaving me scratching my head saying to myself "and I paid this much for this basic stuff to break?" Lol! Then when it was time for service, I was given a very hard time, or I would have to drive my boat across the state and wait 4-6 weeks at best to get her back. That being said, I have come back to Contender every time and absolutely love our 35st; have had her out in 3-5s crossing to the Bahamas and the boat was rock solid, no rattles, nothing broken, fished like a champ. Best boat I have ever owned and Contender has been nothing but stellar in their dealings with me. My wife (great lady angler) wants to send them a Christmas gift, true story. I was just at the factory today after a meeting in south Miami and saw the new 44 CC (and FA later) coming out at MIBS and it was amazing; more of a slight bow sheer and rounded edges. I love the look of our boat, sorry some don't but that is why we have choices in this blessed country of ours.

To OP, no judging, would be happy to chat to see if I can provide any tips to get you through this issue; I've been running boats and dealing with manufacturers for a long long time.

Here is our girl after making the crossing in 3-5s:

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Originally Posted by Dean Nelson View Post
, I received a call from Contender stating they would work on this and asked me to soften the thread. I did so. Not looking to hurt anyone..
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Welcome to owning a boat. The broker that sold me mine told me it was 380 gallons of fuel and that the tanks were rock solid. Before buying I called Contender and they told me 308 galoons... oops I guess he misplaced those digits. I'm now tearing out gas tanks to replace them so I don't have to do it later. I knew it going in though. Gotta love it!
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Crazy how dumb some people are. Why is it the boat comes with a 10 year hull warranty but it only applies to the original owner? Do people not understand it only covers workmanship defects? Example if in the build process a stringer doesn’t get bonded to the hull while it was built and two years later it becomes a problem who cares which owner has it. It should be fixed! Remember we are talking about something that was built wrong and the manufacturer was paid too build the boat correctly.
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Ill say this, I owned a 2007 Contender and their customer service was great (I was the 3rd owner). Every time I called I got an answer or call back from another dept. They even sent me the original build sheet.

That being said if the welds in the tower are cracking it sounds like the boat was run HARD. That could lead to other failures down the road.

This thread sounds to me that you have issues and want to take it out on the manufacture hoping to gain some leverage. Why don't we hear about this issue with other customers? I would think if all these things are breaking on all of their 1 year old half million dollar boats we would hear about it more often. If I don't stay in a sportfish Ill be back in a contender, and my fiancé wants to get one if we ever make it back to Florida.
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NJ Time. Lawyer up!
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