2018 Key West 1720 water issues

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Default 2018 Key West 1720 water issues

I read a blog about the older, pre 2017, key west 1720 boats having a drainage problem. I believe it was a floor drain issue when heavier people were in the boat.

Any comments

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I was interested in this boat and inquired about this through e-mail on their website with the understanding the earlier hulls were not rated for four stroke engine weight (scupper height being the issue).

Sent: Comment: What year(s) 1720 were rated for the weight of a four stroke engine? When was that change made?

Received: Starting in 2004, this being stated the transoms on all year models are substantial enough to handle the added weight.
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If I am understanding this right, I think that this is an issue for a lot of older boats with scuppers. If you add extra weight to the back, it will sink lower into the water and the deck could go under.

One approach in this situation would be to go with the lightest motor that will make it go well enough. For example, a Key West 1720 would have been great with a Yamaha 90 two stroke, but in the four stroke world, a Yamaha f70 may be a better choice. Most of the power, with about the same weight as the old 90.
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I don’t remember the exact year, but I do believe mine was pre ‘04. It had a 2-stroke Suzuki 115 on it. You still got wet feet. Even ping-pong ball scuppers didn’t solve the problem. I just lived with it.
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I've got an '02 1720, with one of the heaviest 2 stroke 90s on the back (Ficht).

On the older models, the factory scuppers are just holes in the transom. When backing down the ramp, in reverse, or at rest with some folks in the back, you'll get a bit of water on the floor at the rear. Any amount of forward motion will clear the water out the scuppers, just as designed. Many smaller, self-bailing boats will experience this. And I want to be clear that it's not dangerous; there is no danger of swamping the boat. If I'm just out for a day of boating, when I'm not in motion I'll typically plug the scuppers if I've got folks or gear back there.

The 1720 is a fantastic little boat. It does benefit from trim tabs if you've got a heavy motor on the back.
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My 2015 has 90 Yamaha and it has this problem, we all wear rubber boats in the winter fishing
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Just plug the drains. They're not needed anyway while the boat is occupied. This doesn't have to be difficult..
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I have a 2002 1720 Sportsman with 2 Stroke 90 HP Yamaha if too many people (more than 1 person) are toward the rear of the Boat water will come in the Scuppers once underway water clears fast in most cases I just keep the Scuppers plugged eliminating the issue
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I own a 2005 1720 sportsman. I bought it with an etec 90 and the suppers were under water. I now have an f115 Yamaha and of course they are still underwater. I plug mine. It's a great little boat and is solid. I love it.
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