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Best way to kill mold

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Ozone generator perfectly helps eliminate smell in my workshop. Recently I bought a new one. For a long time, I couldn't choose which one to buy and chose Green Air Purifier and was satisfied.
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Ozone damages rubber. Also, can’t be running if people are inside the room.
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Originally Posted by tarpononecharter View Post
Look for Concrobium. A special product meant just for mold control.
This X2
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X-14 worked magic on some moldy canvas that NOTHING else would even touch.
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any good house hold bleach use in the washing machine will kill and clean mold !
I also use same stuff for cleaning tea stains of cups ! Works well in the toilet bowl as well spray and leave then rinse after a couple of hours !!
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I had a serious mold problem. I tried everything and noting would budge it. I then found RMR-86 on Amazon.

When it arrived, I thought I would try a test area. I sprayed the area and then went to get a brush. You guessed it, I did not need a brush the test area was mold free.
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Bleach solution (10%) will kill mold as well as anything. Molds are ubiquitous airborne spores that will grow anywhere that is dark, damp and dirty; eliminate any one of those conditions and it will not grow/return. Easier said than done on a boat.
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