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New boat design!!!!

Old 08-04-2018, 06:43 PM
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Default New boat design!!!!

All right guys my best friend has came to me with the idea that if boats had the motors on the bow instead of the stern it would be an more efficient boat as it would pull instead of push the vessel!! I’ve given him every reason I can think of why this wouldn’t work but he still won’t listen! Let me here from y’all experts on why this won’t work so I can shut him up!!! Thanks
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Old 08-04-2018, 06:45 PM
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would only work if water is flat with hardly no waves.
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Old 08-04-2018, 06:51 PM
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The gulf crabbers and lobsterman do it frequently. Moderate speeds.
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Old 08-04-2018, 06:52 PM
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Yeah, it's called a trolling motor... sorry I couldn't resist...
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Old 08-04-2018, 07:09 PM
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Or getting towed or like a dog sled but with jetskis Ha ha . Zeus drives have good efficiency.
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Old 08-04-2018, 07:25 PM
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Y’all keep them coming!! Now I’m getting intrigued!! He’s arguing me down that it would be better!
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Old 08-04-2018, 07:31 PM
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Because you would look like a total asshole if your motors were on the bow.
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Old 08-04-2018, 07:56 PM
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What is his reasoning that being pulled is better than being pushed?

is front wheel drive better than rear wheel drive? Hell no, but it’s cheaper to manufacture, so that’s what they push on unsuspecting consumers.....
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Old 08-04-2018, 07:59 PM
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Google Volvo Penta forward drive. Claims just what you’re saying. It’s more efficient to pull a boat than to push a boat. See them quite a bit now on Pickwick Lake in Tennessee where I’m at where the wake surfing phenomenon has taken over.

Personally looks to me like a good way to really destroy some parts by an underwater object lol
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Old 08-04-2018, 09:14 PM
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Assuming outboards, how much water do you want those engines to ingest? How do you keep the props in the water when you go over a wave? Keep teh bow down with all that weight and how much water do you want to have to bail out of the cockpit? And so it goes on.............................
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More realistic would be an outboard with the props on the opposite side like the volvo IPS. Bow motor would never work beyond displacement vessels due to waves.
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Old 08-05-2018, 12:59 AM
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How do you put all that weight on the pointy end of the boat?
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Old 08-05-2018, 04:15 AM
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DOES he think its never been done ?? go find popular mechanics mags there bound to be one in there and variation's of the same principles !!Have the feeling I seen it about 60 years ago !!
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Sounds like your friend is equating a front-wheel-drive car with a boat. You get better traction out of a FWD car because the weight of the engine is over the drive wheels. There is no such parallel in boats.
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Some people just don't listen to reason.

Does he understand the concept of a planning hull? IMO, his assertion demonstrates he does not.

So I guess the next come back to him would be, ok, how is lift being created from the bow?

Pull vs push has already been done with the pods...Zeus is/was it. But these were installed at stern due to planning hull dynamics.
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Many mullet and crab boats have the engine mounted forward. Super shallow runners and seem pretty maneuverable. They also run on plane.

There is value in forward facing drives in the form of clean water to the props. All of the forward facing systems like many pods and the Volvo system still have the props at the stern though.
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