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Tayalay45 06-29-2018 12:13 PM

Repaired Skeg's Paint is chipping
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Hello everyone,

Long story short, the skeg on my 200 Yamaha was partially broken about 4-5 months ago and repaired by the dealer (Sundance Marine). They said the entire lower unit did not need to be replaced, but they could fabricate a piece to fit exactly where the other piece was broken on.

They did the work and it painted it, everything came out fine. I just noticed there is a chip in the paint in the area in which it was replaced with some after market materials. (See Image) it's probably some metal compound they used to repair it and it looks "pinkish".

My question is should I be concerned to take it out this weekend with the fear of more paint coming off or even worst somehow affecting the material they used to repaid the broken piece on the skeg?

twitch 06-29-2018 12:52 PM

Looks like the paint/primer didn't stick to the fairing compound used on the weld seam for one reason or another. Should be fine to run it, as it's a simple cosmetic issue

Beak Boater 06-29-2018 12:59 PM

Looks like they smoothed out the weld with Bondo filler, that's the pink you are seeing. Ok to run but I would sand, prime and repaint as soon as possible.

sharktripper 06-29-2018 01:02 PM

If it bothers you, slap some paint on it. Personally, I’d run it.... knowing,of course, that it’s only gonna get rubbed off eventually anyway. The only perfect paint I’ve seen on outboards is in the showroom.

Inlander 06-29-2018 01:14 PM

You don’t need paint on the skeg and it will down to bare aluminum anyway. What you have is merely a cosmetic matter. If it bothers you buy a spray can of matching paint from Yamaha.

Tomfootloose 06-29-2018 01:32 PM

If there is still paint on the skeg you are not going anywhere interesting

ndb8fxe 06-30-2018 05:47 AM

Originally Posted by Tomfootloose (Post 11564575)
If there is still paint on the skeg you are not going anywhere interesting

I kind of agree, but the OP's chip is way up on the skeg.

Lizard35 06-30-2018 06:05 AM

YAWN, it is only paint

finman 06-30-2018 06:36 AM

get a rattle can of yammi paint and touch up. that dosnt last on a skeg anyway . i paint mine every spring and its gone in the first month

mcsd63 06-30-2018 07:31 AM

Originally Posted by ndb8fxe (Post 11565878)
I kind of agree, but the OP's chip is way up on the skeg.

mine is bare up to the bottom of the bullet

Icatcher22 06-30-2018 07:37 AM

If you run it enough you will repaint it the pinkish color.

high'n'dry 06-30-2018 07:50 AM

It looks like a adhesion problem with the paint. The plastic filler will probably not hold the topcoat paint equally to a well prepared aluminum substrate. Your solution is a slip-on stainless skeg guard. I installed one on my engine as a preventative to damage. Instead of screwing it on by drilling (one) hole as shown in the instructions I laid a bead of RTV in the guard and installed it so as to seal it to the skeg. If I ever really need to get it off, I can but it will be a bugger when that day comes. Looks pretty, matches my prop and causes no performance loss that I can tell.


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