Abermarle 24 Is this boat too old?

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Default Abermarle 24 Is this boat too old?

I believe it's a 1989 and the owner has it professionally waxed every few years, and the lower unit is repainted every 3 or 4 years also. It stay on a lift under a boat house at his house. Also I believe it has a volvo penta 5.0 liter inboard outboard if I remember right. I know the outdrive says volvo penta. He doesn't have an hour meter on it, but I know he really doesn't use it much. Also I believe he had the exhaust manifold risers replaced once.

The questions I have are:

1. What's it worth in good condition like this one?
2. Do you think a boat like this is too old even though it's an abermarle and solid as a rock afaik.
3. Are their any problems with these boats?
4. Would this be a good offshore boat?
5. If the motor or outdrive craters, what's the cost to replace one or both of these?
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Have the boat professionally surveyed to get an idea of its condition & value and go from there.
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If it’s been properly cared for and maintained it could be a great boat at a small fraction of the cost. If not maintained it could be a money pit.

have a full survey done on both the boat and engine to know which it is
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Do you have any pictures you could post? The market is soft right now on these types of boats so you can get a good deal. With that being said expect to pay more for one in good shape no matter the year.

Thats great news on the outdrive as they take some work to maintain. Is the engine original? Like someone mentioned a survey will save you or at the very least someone who knows these boats and can go with you.

All gen 1 Albemarles need work unless relentlessly kept up or they have been redone. That’s why I chose to do a boat that needed an engine. I see to many people buy them then immediately have to start chasing Gremlins.........

So I would buy one meticulously maintained which this boat could be or one that’s been redone or a project if your going with this age boat.

I would not buy one of those deals on price go to the lake twice and “KABOOM” your now sitting in a project boat. It’s better to buy one redone in the 20 thousand dollar range. Because you will quickly spend all your money fixing it especially if you can’t do the work yourself.

There is a nice one on this site for sale that’s been redone I’ll look up the link and post it. Not trying to steer you away from your current boat. Just thought I would share it and I have no affiliation with this seller.

1990 Albemarle 24'

keep us posted......

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Have to agree with all of the above. I do love these boats and would love to have one of them as I am very experienced in the maintenance and repair of I/O power. HOWEVER, since most older ones have the old style VP AQ drive system which has not been produced in a long time, that can be an issue depending on where you are. Some parts are hard to find and expensive and also if you need a drive repair you can't do yourself, you need a shop that has the experience to work on them. The first thing I'd do, is call around and see if any I/O shops will work on these old Volvo drives, if not then I'd pass just for that reason. If the boat had a Merc drive system its much easier to get parts and repairs done. Also, due to the larger transom cut out used on the older style Volvo drives, you cannot easily convert it to a later Volvo SX or Merc (both of which use the industry standard cut out) without major 'glass work on the transom.
I went through the same thing owning an OMC Cobra (which by the way, has been excellent in terms of durability, better even than the Merc Alpha drive) but some parts are hard to find and many techs do not work on them. This is especially true in salt water regions. So think it through, if you really like this style of boat see if you can find a newer one with the later model Volvo SX drive or Merc power. Either one will not be hard to service. I passed on a very nice Steiger Craft 21 Miami with a new crate engine due to the older Volvo drive issue.
To me the main advantage of these boats is the great hull design. The I/O power, many here do not favor, but keep in mind there are some real advantages vs outboards:
1) cost to repower is significantly less
2) when you do repower, you have the ability to install closed cooling, that can give you longer engine life than outboards if all the maintenance is done; that can double engine life in salt water
3) better balance and handling
4) if Volvo or Merc Bravo equipped, the option for duo-prop drive which is an advantage in handling and time to plane, etc.

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I see the volvo DP290 drives on ebay all the time. They still seem plentiful.
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Do search on here , you can see the insides of a 24!

Albemarle 24 Project : Hull #33 1980
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While the drives and parts are out there, unless you intend to be a Volvo drive mechanic, you will eventually need one to help you with repairs that you most likely will not be able to do yourself. The guy who is the master with these things is Rick on the bayliner owners board or Ricardo on marine engine dot com, same guy. Knows it all from engines to all the repairs on the drives.
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If its been maintained and is in good shape its a great boat. I have a 1992 that is mostly original (including outdrive) and its a fantastic boat. Depending on condition and equipment I'd say its worth anywhere from 12k to 20k. The outdrives are bullet proof if maintained and seals are good. I just changed all seals in mine and everything inside looks new.

If it is a 5.0 that is not the original engine. Have it surveyed for all the usual old boat problems. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it just because of age if its in good shape.
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