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Tideline 365 Build - Hull #4

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Good for you! Please keep the posts coming.
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Those are some neat details I've never seen before. Do all the hatches have a gasket that encompasses the whole lid? And that Gaff storage system looks sharp
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Excellent write up and review! We have had the same reaction with our 365. The ability to fish more days comfortably no matter the sea conditions is amazing! The twin setup is perfect and moves the boat with ease.
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Old 04-30-2019, 07:35 AM
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Up to 60 hours with a long over night trip this weekend. Ran the boat heavier than ever with 1,000lbs of ice, 1,000lbs of crew, crows nest installed, outriggers, food and drinks for 2 days, 22 rods, deepdrop weights, small generator, grill.....everything I had just about. The coffin box held right at 800lbs of ice.....I have an 800lb bin that generally fills just under that and we emptied it the night before and then took 50% again the next morning between the coffin, drinks and a little to pre cool the fish box. Even with everything we hauled, including small bags with clothes and foul weather gear, nothing was on the deck and everything remained dry stored in either in the port floor box or the console. The port side fish box, that I've converted for storage, holds 5 cast net buckets, a small 2000 honda generator, a rectangular plastic container with our grill plus a rectangular plastic container for fighting belts and harnesses plus the deck brushes and cleaning buckets. The two leaning post mounted tackle stations are cavernous.....I can't fill them all and I haul more tackle than I should.

Loaded at 32-35 we were getting 1mpg in 1-3 seas offshore.

We spent more time on the drift this trip drifting for swords at night, very pleased with the stability and made for some comfortable sleep while others tended the lines and the drifts. The various lighting options in the boat were well thought out and provide good variety between under gunnel and overhead and having every storage box and livewell lit was extremely handy.

I was equally impressed with the tuna tubes....we had tuna in the tubes for over 6 hours and covered close to 40 miles of ocean in that time period, alive and well.
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Up over 100 hours now with a variety of trips on the boat and crew sizes from 3 to 13 and heavy loads to light loads. Continue to be very pleased with the boat. My normal trips are 6-7 crew size, 500+ lbs of ice, 300 gallons of fuel, 100lbs of deep drop weights plus all the other stuff you would normally carry. The boat really likes to run 35 which is about 4500 rpm with the Suzuki 350's and with normal loads that is around 1.2 mpg or so on the fuel burn. Fast cruise is around 42 at 5200 rpm and burn at that speed is right around 1 mpg. I'm averaging over 1 mpg key on to key off and rarely running under 30 mph. A normal day has been traveling around 130 miles or so with 5 or 6 hours of idle/trolling time in there and burning 120 gallons of fuel or so.

The boat is extremely nimble with the Suzuki's.....the duo props definitely shine at low rpms which makes controlling the boat in tight quarters very easy and holding the boat over structure easy as well. If you have the desire to back down it will back down faster than any center console I've personally been on.....not that you should be doing it much.

Ice retention has been good even in the heat. Water temps are in the low 80s and air temps in the 90s with direct sunlight.

The rear facing seats are excellent for fishing and relaxing and like any boat I've been on they aren't so good at cruise, especially in any sea state. However, in over 110 hours I've only had one time where people weren't comfortable riding on the coffin box so that's a plus with the lounger up there.

Couple of little things....I installed a radar pedestal to get the open array up off the hard top just a bit. My performance in close wasn't as good as I would have liked and the 4 degree wedge and 6 inches of elevation made a huge difference like I hoped. Also, Tideline sent me an extra washdown pump. Standard is one pump which splits off to the fore and aft washdown hoses. When running them both at the same time the flow is not what I wanted so installing an extra pump solves that.

If doing it over for my use case I would probably go with the fixed length Marsh Tacky outriggers instead of the collapsible Gemlux riggers. Oh well, can't get everything right.
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Will you be down there June 26-30?
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