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Default Coolers

I have been getting a lot of "advice" about coolers. Depending on who I ask. Can anyone recommend the best cooler?
i know yeti has the name. But also the price tag. Is it really that much better than orca or rtic? Are there any other brands I should be looking at?
Looking for a medium size 24-32qt.
All the higher end coolers seem to be the same. How can I tell difference of which is the best. Take yeti out because I'm not spending $400 on a cooler.
Thanks guys
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Old 05-14-2018, 07:15 PM
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I love my RTIC. It's literally identical to a Yeti, except the name on the side. In fact, the way I understand it, Yeti is suing RTIC because they straight up copied their cooler.
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Old 05-14-2018, 07:19 PM
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I have some Yetis and they work well. I also like my Rtic. I’ve also heard good things about the pelican and bison coolers.
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I read a recent review that had the Cabela’s model in the lead.
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Old 05-14-2018, 07:44 PM
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Can't beat the RTIC price. I have two and love them. Also have a Yeti. RTIC price just simply beats Yeti
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Check out GatorBox coolers. They have a 45 and 65 quart for $179-$229
They have supported our American Legion events with donations and their coolers work as well as my YETI.
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Old 05-14-2018, 08:16 PM
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I have a yeti 65 and a grizzly 20, and actually like the grizzly more. Rag’s
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Yeti came with the boat, so I like it.
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RTIC, RTIC, or RTIC. If you want your friends to think you're cool then get a YETI I guess.
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Old 05-14-2018, 08:23 PM
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Gatorbox gets my vote also!! Veteran owned and operated
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Old 05-14-2018, 08:29 PM
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I have a Engle, 2 Yetis and 2 Rtics in my garage. They all do a great job, the Engle seems to have a little better ice retention but they are all very good. Rtic is the best price, I would go with Rtic.
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I have an engle 30 with the rod holders and it works pretty well. I dont think it holds ice quite as well as the yeti or rtic of similar size, but its also significantly lighter than either of those. big eric mentioned his engle having better ice retention, but I think they increase the wall thickness above the 30 and thats the difference I am seeing.
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I will never buy a Yeti product.

Igloo coolers have served me well
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I have a RTIC 45 ,two 65's and a 110 and love them. I got the 110 for 255$!
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I'm waiting for the folks at RTIC to wade into this RTIC love fest and offer THT a 20% discount. I'll buy one tomorrow if that happens lol.
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Originally Posted by johndoe031181 View Post
I love my RTIC. It's literally identical to a Yeti, except the name on the side. In fact, the way I understand it, Yeti is suing RTIC because they straight up copied their cooler.
RTIC is all made in China, if that factors into your decision. Lots of good choices made in the US: 8 American Made Coolers | US Manufacturer & Brands (2017 list)
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Another vote RTIC for the money

I have a small and large frigid rigid and i love them
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RTIC. Same as a Yeti, half the price, nuff said. Some YETI coolers made in Philippines, some in US, it’s a crap shoot for the same money.
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My Intrepid came with a Frigid Rigid on slides that tucks under the leaning post and it’s great. I have a also have a Yeti 45 that is a little smaller and I use for taking cold drinks and food into hotels and houses when on long trips. They both seem pretty comparable with keeping ice. I just won a Pelican 50 qt cooler at a golf tournament but have yet to use it so I will find out soon but it looks pretty nice.

All of these coolers will work so much better if you keep them in an air conditioned house before going on a long trip (obviously, any cooler will work well for a day trip) so that the ice doesn’t have to melt to get the cooler cold. Then only place cold items inside of it and the best trick is to line the cooler bottom with a grocery paper bag, then place dry ice on top of that, then layer regular ice on top of the dry ice, creating a barrier so the effects of the dry ice don’t freeze/blow up the beverages. The dry ice will keep the regular ice super cold and I’ve made it a week with ice still in the cooler even during summer months in Florida and Bahamas.
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Swede, what's the intended use of this cooler? Are you going to be packing it with food/important items that must remain as cold as possible for more than 24 hours? If so then the expensive, high end coolers ARE worth the extra money. If you just want to keep your sammichez and beer cold for a days boating/fishing then any of the "marine grade/series" coolers from Coleman/Igloo/Walmart will more than work! For years I used elcheapos for daily duty on my boats. They all worked fine but by the end of the day you had cans, bottles and food floating in cold water. I stepped up to the marine/max/extreme series lines of coolers and DID notice a difference by days end.

For the money a GREAT cooler series for daily boat/fishing use is the Coleman Extreme series. They have wheels, insulated lids and a large handle on one end that makes pulling on the wheels easier. They are WELL under $100 as well. They even have built in drink holders in the lid. (I never understood why the $500 Yeti's didn't have wheels, longer handles or drink holders on them when the $50 wallyworlds did? ;? ) I've used one of the 65qt models for several years now on our deckboat, my Yeunglings stay icy!

I DO have some "premium" coolers that I use for various uses and times. A 110 Yeti that I got for a birthday present 2-3 years ago. When I need to keep ALOT of drinks/food/whatever icy cold for more than a day and or I want that stuff cold and that cooler might be kept in a hot car/trunk for those 2-3 days, then that cooler works! It also saw duty last week in LA while fishing, we put 40# of ice in it in the morning and usually returned mid-afternoon with half the ice melted and 30-40+ reds, trout, sheepshead and drum in it. It's heavy weight and rubber feet sat perfectly atop the rear deck of my BlueWave and never moved, it wasn't strapped down and we even did 55mph down a few canals keeping other fishermen behind us. Did that for 2 days before I remembered my livewell was insulated so we used it and left the Yeti in the room the third day, the livewell worked just as well as a cooler and didn't have to haul that heavy cooler across the parking lot and dock to the boat.

I have a 55qt Igloo Sportsman that is Igloos copy of a Yeti and it works equally as well. Sams sells them for $200 but I found mine at a local "Dirt Cheap" about 15 mins after it was put out by the stock boys. It had obviously been sitting in a warehouse or store for awhile as it had a layer of dirt on it but otherwise was brand new. I paid $45 for it so I consider it well worth that bargain. I use it when just me and my wife go on trips and want to leave our drinks & food overnight or 2 days in a hot SUV without having to remove it from the auto. It's tailgated several times as well.

My BlueWave came with a 100qt Coleman Marine Extreme cooler that fits in a sliding tray under the driver/passenger seats. GREAT cooler with tons of room and very well insulated. I think they list for under $100 or thereabouts. It'll hold 2-3 days worth of beer, ice and snacks for a multi-day fishing trip and because it's not a $400 Yeti I don't worry about it being stolen out of the boat when it's at a dock or parking lot overnight!

I have several smaller coolers as well, most are mid-level coolers except for a 12pk Yeti Hopper Flip that I got for a present. That's a great cooler for sure, wife likes to carry it when traveling in and out of hotels as it doesn't leak and is light. But I'd never pay that kinda money for a little cooler like that myself.

Another great lil cooler we use traveling and at the beach is a Coleman Coastal Extreme 40qt. It has wheels and a collapsable handle. It's big enough for a days worth of crap for 2 families at the beach or on a boat. I likewise carried it to LA lastweek on that fishing trip. Used it for a backup refrig in the room and we brought home 3 days of fish fillets in it. Stayed cool in the back of my truck for 450miles in 80+ deg temps with only a bag of ice on the fillets. I like collapsable handles and rear wheels on coolers, I wish they ALL had that feature. I HATE having to attempt to carry a cooler, my old azz just can't do it anymore, especially these 100+qt behemoths like above.
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