Trim problem on Yamaha F60TLR

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Default Trim problem on Yamaha F60TLR

Motor no longer trimmed up. Relay still clicking. Switched the up/down wires at the relay to test the motor and the motor then trimmed up (will pushing the switch down). After reading the ever living crapola out of these forums, I figured that my problem was a bad relay.

Purchased a trim relay and installed. Same problem. Won't trim up. Switched the up/down wires and the motor then trims up (when pushing switch down). So, looks like I don't have a relay problem. Any ideas?

The fuses look good, and I don't think there's a separate UP TRIM fuse anyway. I've tried the switch at the front of the boat and at the engine...same result. I can't see any obvious flaws in the wiring. I'm not that great at electrical wiring, but I really thought that I had this one figured out.

Now I'm at a standstill. No idea what to try next.
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Update: I tested the switch and relay with a voltmeter on the Blue (+) and Black (-). When the switch is pressed, I get 12 V across the Blue-Black. So, that doesn't appear to be the problem.
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so it trims down - but nothing happens when you try to trim up?

then when you swap the blue and green wires from the switch to the relay -

it trims up - when you press the switch to down?

so, the "up" contact of the switch is bad - but the "down" contact still works
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I just got it to work!

Here's what I did. I tested the continuity on the old relay and it was dead (between Blue and Black). Tested the new one and it was good between Blue and Black.

There are two black posts and noticed that one didn't have a nut on it. I'd taken it off to rearrange the black wires, as the new relay was a bit different than the old one. I put a nut on the unused black post and tightened it, and now everything works. Crazy.

Thank you for your reply.
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I hope somebody is still reading this thread as it seems to be quite dated. I had a similar problem with the trim relay. It wouldn't lower the engine. Upon checking according the to the tips on THT I found that the blue anodes inside the relay were shot. I replaced it with another used one that was tested as functioning. I installed it and lo and behold it had the same problem. It would raise the engine but not lower it. I changed the one wire from the green terminal to the blue one and it lowered the engine. After setting it up normally I tested the switch wires for continuity. It showed regular 12v. So now what could be wrong? I haven't checked the nuts yet. Any other suggestions, possibly?
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