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Default Running hi-vis green mono right upto the 6' leader? (trolling)

Deciding on clear mono top shot or not still.. Lets skip the "braid first, then this, then that", I am just asking about hi-vis being ran all the way to my 6' or so mono leaders (trolling)

Do you guys use the top shot mainly as a leader OR so you dont have any hi-vis bright green line in the water?

Most of my lures as well as ballyhoo have around a 6-7' mono or wire leader... Should I just spool my new reels with hi-vis green and skip clear mono top shot (would be ideal, and seems that most say this is fine)?
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We've been running Momoi Hi-Vis yellow for 12 years as top shot. Your flouro (we use pink for billfish, white for tuna) is your low-vis leader, in a length that you determine works best for you. Don't overthink it. Besides, that is the reason for the hi-vis line. Many times you need to follow the line to see where the baits are in the spread.
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If you think its a problem, just run longer leaders.
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I run high vis to BHP tackle wind ons on my 30s and 50s. Then use as small a snap as possible to attach the leaders for my lures.
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I have either 50 or 100yd mono top shots at the same test or a bit lower test than the braid. I do this under the belief that it helps to have a length of the stretchy mono to absorb the shock of the fish hitting and fighting on the line.

I also like to be able to easily change out the top shot each season or even on a trip if I can feel it getting chafed.The vast majority of the wear on the line is going to happen on the 1st 100 yards as that's the stuff that goes through the outriggers, spends the most time in the water, gets pulled against / under the boat, crosses / tangles with other lines etc. So I'd rather the chafing / damage happens on the top shot where I can easily change it and not on the braid.
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For 30 pound line I use Hi vis to 3' of double line to to 20' of 50 lb shock leader tied with Bristol knot. Finish with a swivel to about 3' of whatever bite leader I'm useing either flouro or wire. The wind on leader gives a lot of security when gaffing.

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Depends on what we are fishing for but I fish Hi Vis (I like orange) with a Bimini to 20 yards of flouro topshot. Tie the snap swivel to the flouro and then connect to my leader. Use the smallest snap swivel I can get away with and replace everything at the end of the day from the Bimini back if a fish hits it.
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Most of my lures have a 12' leader, and we run the hi-vis mono right to the swivel that connects the leader to the hi-vis
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I run hi-vis yellow on all my trolling rods. Great for being able to watch where lines are. I do run a 30' clear or Flouro wind-on leader to the terminal rig. I connect my wind on's with a small spro swivel that will fit through the rod eyes. Terminal tackle is all crimped directly to the leader- keeps it clean, but does make change-outs a little slow if action is hot. For tuna, don't want any of the hi-vis in the water near the rigs... Why the green stick guys do so well, is there is no leader in the water at all..
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What they all said.....I run hi vis green and long clear Fluoro to the great....
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I like running shorter leaders, 3' or so, to help when fish are boatside and so I run a 50 pound clear mono wind-on that's 15-20' long. If I used longer leaders I'd be less worried about the wind on.
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