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Default Flushing Hydraulic Steering on Everglades 243

I bleed the steering my the boat I just boat the other day and the oil in it looks horrible. Therefore I am going to bleed the system and refill. Roughly how many quarts do I need to have on hand to do this? Its on a Everglades 243. Its sea star steering.

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You can look up the capacities of your ram and helm if you have the part #s. Add a little more for the lines. If the fluid is discolored you might have water contamination. If that is the case you might consider flushing the system and blowing out the lines w/ air before refilling/bleeding. And if there is an underlying cause driving whatever you are doing, might want to check that out.

Seastar has good phone support. There is a guy on here who provides good support too (boat steering rebuilders or similar).
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When I work on one that has a lot of nasty crap in it, I flush the system with diesel fuel.
NEBassman is right, you need to find out how it got so dirty, and fix that.
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Seastar/Baystar includes two quarts in their complete Hydraulic Steering kit so there's a start.

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Typical single helm/single cylinder is 2 quarts. Add another quart for additional components. Helms only hold 10 oz in the reservoir, cylinder only holds 5 oz.

Flushing instructions are up on our website (per SeaStar, we do not suggest using solvents). Usually the fluid contamination is one of two things: 1) water 2) corrosion of the steel parts inside the helm
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