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Default Replacing Bearing Assembly

I currently have a Majic Tilt tandem trailer that is outfitted with Gold Series Oil Bath Hubs from UFP. I've recently noticed some water intrusion on one of the hubs. Due to corrosion etc. I would like to replace the entire assembly. When I spoke with UFP, the only size dimensions that I was given was 1980. When looking in my hub literature I see "Seal Outer & Inner Diameter" 1.98" X 1.38" which I guess reflects the 1980. In all of my boating catalogs the hubs that are offered are listed as: 1", 1-1/16", and 1-1/16" 1-3/8. I don't know how to interpret the measurements to replace my current hub kit. I may just order from UFP, but I promised someone a fishing trip this WED. that I would hate to cancel (they also seem to be closed for Memorial day so I cannot contact them). H 1377 and H17V are stamped on the idler hub.
Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated
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