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rocksandblues 01-12-2017 06:06 AM

2007 135 optimax reputation
Trying to advise a friend that is looking at a boat with twin 135 optimax.

Any advise or experience?

I have had almost everything BUT an optimax and have no experience goos or bad


Flatout71 01-12-2017 06:21 AM

Like Optis (which I do) or not. The engines are now 10 years old. So a lot depends on the prior owners service of these engines. How many hours? What does the boat's price say about the sellers value on these engines?

The engines themselves in 2007 were very reliable. If original compressors are on the engines they are far from the original ones made in the 1990's but not quite as good as the new ones on the current optis. If the hours are over 1000 I would set aside $1400 to change the compressors to the new current ones and that will offer 1000-3000 hours of trouble free service.

If the engines crank up and run strong it is perhaps a safe bet at the right price.

With any 10 year old engine it is worth a engine survey to have compression checked and scope the cylinders. If all passes you are good to go! I would put my money in these optis over any other direct injection engine from from this period.

They are super on the economy side too. Good Luck to your friend.

rocksandblues 01-12-2017 06:33 AM


Boat in question belongs to a mutual friend who is an avid fisher. So probably higher than average hours but i know he took care of engines too.

I will pass along the compressor intel

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