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Originally Posted by PowerYacht View Post
They have sold seven on plan before hull one was build, and that up till June.

So it is not looking so bad. A 58 is in project stages here
That 58 looks nice.

Article said that 50 of the 54's were built. Much lower than I would have guessed
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Originally Posted by WavRidr359 View Post
IMO The investor didn't decide to build this boat to turn a profit. They built this boat to connect the new Bertram to the iconic brand of the past. They will use this to spring board into more popular and marketable models in the future. However, the investor owns other European builders so I am pretty sure he knows exactly how many hulls he needs to sell to turn a profit.

On the contrary, I think 9 deposits are pretty good for a boat that has been just been finished. I don't know to many people throwing down deposits on an unknown boat from a builder that was just acquired from the ashes by a new investor.

Time will tell. As a former Bertram boat owner, I hope so but I wonder how many of those orders are from consumers and end users.
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Originally Posted by captbone View Post
Time will tell. As a former Bertram boat owner, I hope so but I wonder how many of those orders are from consumers and end users.
I am a current and former owner. I currently own a 1998 36 Moppie and owned a 1986 37 for 10 years. Both have been awesome boats. It would be nice to see Bertram make a rebound.
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I like the dog-houses on top of the engines. Much better for maintenance and quick checks for leaks, etc. plus providing a lower overall profile. Seems like a cool fish boat. I would like to see one rigged although I agree that the mid-size blue water boat market is now owned by outboards. I rarely see any diesel boats under 40' at any tournaments anymore.
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I don't care for the layout for my own personal use, however I can see the eye appeal and love the "style".

I've never been a fan of step-down salon 30' plus boats. And this isn't the first of that breed.
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Pretty sure I saw this boat being towed south today on I-295 in Jacksonville, headed for Lauderdale?

Looked great in real life.

Way out of my price range, but still hoping for the big lottery win...
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i think i would take a boat like Stamas did with his rebuild over this...
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Love the concept, and the boat seems to have a great nostalgia to it as well.

In the video on the website, they show the 31, not the 35... I would like to see some running video of the 35.

I dont like the 3 seat layout on the FB... seems to be overpowering.

Also, there is no renderings of the boat with a hard top on it?? I certainly wouldn't want just a bimini on it, but thats me. EDIT... Found it in the Build Section... Not bad... Not great...

As far as the engine boxes, i think the layout works for what it is. If you sink them down, the cockpit is too large for a modern boat, and the step-down isn't going to work, so its almost a total redesign.

I really like the windows/windshield i the salon, I think that is a great element of the boat.
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Originally Posted by JAGSARE1 View Post
I remember when the last Bertram 41 came out. My broker was telling how awesome it was and all the orders that were pouring in......and then crickets. It was an utter failure. Word was that they did have some deposits until they actually saw and ran the boat and then those deposits disappeared. I would like to see a successful new Bertram company but I question this is the right direction.
Correct me if I'm wrong before you bought your large CC you were building a boat that was just under 40' and it was a layout not too far from the new 35 Bertram.

My father had a 30 Chris Craft that was a total copy of the 31 Bertram and very similar in style to the new 35 Bert. For fishing places that have short runs especially on heavy tackle I would kill to have a boat like this. In the 1980's we killed a ton of BFT over 500lbs on the old Chris Craft the guy running the boat has incredible vision but can still talk to the crew and jump down to help. We fished 3 guys and I was 11 running to boat it was a great set up, every fish I would jump down and help with the tail rope. Don't knock the windows it was great to see ahead in the cockpit through the windows and people prone to seasickness were much better in that boat.

Currently both my brother and I both have large CC's and my father has a 33 Tiara Flybridge and in many aspects the 33 Flybridge is an "Out of date" boat it's slow, can't trailer and new it would be $600k but if you ever fish on an inboard boat with a large cockpit you would understand that CC's with large outboards has it's issues.

That said this boat may do OK but the large CC has too many positives for the average guy especially the lower price and trailerable that I only see this type of boat being a niche buyer and the CC being the norm.
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Originally Posted by captpepin View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong before you bought your large CC you were building a boat that was just under 40' and it was a layout not too far from the new 35 Bertram.
Not even close to the same layout. It was a fairly typical convertible sportfish layout with no engine boxes, 2 staterooms, flybridge with actual room in the front of the helm. The boat we were building was very similar to the 37 Bertram(because it was the same mold) and the 37 Bert was no where close to this new 35 in design or concept.
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I thought it was going to be like the old 35 Bertram or the 37, either way it has a open windshield you'd expect a helm station in the cabin, I really thought they were building it to compete with the 37 Billfish and if so why didn't they build a 37Bertram? I think if they went that route the boat would do well. I guess we'll see, but there's a lot of other boats for the money I'd buy before this one.
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Price point is ?
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