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wellcraft boats

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Default wellcraft boats

one of the boats we're interested in is a wellcraft 232 cc . any input as to the build quality of this manufacturer?
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have 1999 Wellcraft 210 Fisherman. I love the boat. So much i just repowered it with a 225 E-TEC.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

As you can see, I have one also, and absolutley love it. I haven't had any real problems...the couple very minor hiccups were instantly sloved between the dealer and factory. If something were to happen to mine today and would instantly buy another Wellcraft, probably the 232. My personal opinion is that the 210 is close to the best designed 21' CC going, and probably one of the best boats (of the type) that you can buy without considerable extra cost (Whaler...) No question, its a great boat.

I'm a little disapointed in the changes (other than the console) that they made with the new 212 Fisherman, but I think the 232 is great!

I would seriously look at putting an E-Tec on the next one also, though I've been very happy with my HPDI also...
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

For a production boat(not much that isn't these days) I think they are excellent. I have been on a few newer ones and was really impressed. I was expecting alot of stuff half assed put together but was very pleasantly surprised. Great layout, solid, no rattles and good hardware. Not sure in that class but I think they do a very good job of quality control. Have you seatrialed that model?
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have been on many boats but usually at the dock or on land-including the wellcraft. N ot sure what I'd be looking for on a sea trial except for it not to sink.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

My Wellcraft experience, both first hand and from several owners I have known, is not so good. First off, I'll say that my bad experience was many years ago, and I hear that the brand has improved. My Wellcraft V-20 split down one side of the hull and the boat was almost lost 20 miles offshore. If not for having a very large bilge pump and a buddy operating a 5 gallon bucket, the boat would have sunk or at least capsized. When I cut the boat open to see what happened, it was obvious that the sections of glass fabric had been layed up butted up to each other rather than overlapped, and to make matters worse, the fabric was butted up against the bottom of a stringer instead of run up and over the stringer. The hull separated from the stringer and the stringer broke the hull. The break was about 4 feet long. The other former owners I know, two of them, had the hull to cap joint come loose, both on Coastal models. When I decided to buy a "big boat" I really wanted a 29 Wellcraft FBSF (1980's models) since I had done considerable rigging work on one while I was a marine mechanic and I liked the ride and the layout. Of the several I looked at, I could not find one that did not have severely rotted floors and bulkheads, and I ended up with an older Bertram instead. For my use I wouldn't own one, but I routinely go 30 or more miles offshore and make yearly trips to the Bahamas, and insist on having a boat I can trust in really severe weather. For a near shore boat, I think they are suitable but they for sure aren't up there with the really well built top end brands, however there's nothing wrong with buying something less expensive, especially if it's the boat you really like. Those thousands of dollars saved can give a lot of boating enjoyment.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I crawled over a 29" Coastal last year with my service guy at
the Boston boat show last year and we were both impressed
with the overall construction, design, and materials used on
that model. If it carries over to the CC's, I don't think you can
go wrong.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have a 2004 180 Fisherman. Love the boat. Only two things I don't like: the tiny access hatch to the bilge area made my extra bilge pump install a b*tch, and the deck hatch to the storage area up forward isn't level with the hinges, causing the screws to back out after the first season. I still haven't figured out how to fix to my satisfaction. Other than these two issues, I love the boat--nicely finished, great ride, etc. Make the run from RI mainland to Montauk or Block Island with no problem on a decent day.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

Here's what I wrote at 110 hours.. and at 300 hours I'm still very, very impressed with Wellcraft bulid quality - as sundance kid said - " the best kept secret in CC's is the sacarb hull Wellcraft...BTW . I have run the 35 and the 32 is the better running boat...

Well I have done enough “raving” about my Verados but have not said much about the boat, A Wellcraft 32 CCF. I just finished 110 hours after taking delivery on Dec 24th. Overall, I am very satisfied, the lines are clean and now that I have painted and taken the logos off it (can’t stand decals), everyone stops me and asks if it’s a custom boat. There are many things I like and a few I don’t like.

First of all, it is a very solid boat, I have been in some sloppy stuff in coming back from the keys and it does not land hard. Just when I think it’s gonna be a real bang, it lands smooth. The hull is very solid, a nicer ride than my Donzi. So far I do not have a single gelcoat crack. (and I look while doing my anal waxing ritual) There is a lot standard: Clarion XMD + Sirius, anchor with windlass pkg, swim ladder for a few examples.
1. Rigging electronics has been easy with busbars behind the dash and in the top box.
2. Entire dash pulls toward you for access with big hinges.
3. Anchor/windlass is hidden behind a hatch that completely encloses the whole assembly. Allows you to use the foredeck for casting on an open boat.
4. All cushions on the entire boat are detachable so you can get them out of the UV when storing the boat.
5. Rear transom set flips down easily but also is a hassle to get transom access in case of bilge problem.
6. Livewell is big and accessible in the transom, however uses the same pump as the wash down system – on my list to change
7. All thru hulls and plumbing is 1st rate = stainless and double clamped. All hoses supported every foot or so.
8. Front fold down forward seating is really great – on the days we have guests, it fold up and when fishing folds into the sides of the boat – quality mounting and hardware eliminates any bang and clang when retracted.
9. Hardware and stainless gas struts every hatch – top notch gemlux stuff
10. 3 batts std – wired with two switches and parallel solenoid to put them all together in an emergency
11. Interior of console nicely appointed – sparse but not cheap looking. Console door could fit a bit better.
12. Wiring is neat but bundled, not labeled to my satisfaction – am ˝ thru rewiring and labeling.

Here are the things I dislike

1. they need to use a lot more threadlock on the hardware – I am halfway done here tightening and “bluing” all the threads
2. Floor hatches feel a bit thin and “give” – nice gasketing but undersides need gel coat finished
3. cushions are thin – need another ˝ inch – vinyl is not 32 oz that I have had before
4. Plastic cupholders, not plumbed to the bilge.

Another report in 100 hours

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Default RE: wellcraft boats

Mine has been a fantastic boat, love my Wellcraft!

2003 Wellcraft 250 Fisherman center console

Solid boat, great layout/features, easy to access systems (i.e. removeable helm cap for wiring/install access, good access to tanks oil, water and related pumps and plumbing), wiring system clearly labled and marked and in my case supported very well. Like mentioned above, no rattles or clangs when running, everything is as tight as the day I brought her home which aint too bad for mostly runnin her off the NC coast.

The only thing I didnt like about my boat when I first got it is the location of the batteries, Wellcraft did a great job mounting them were they are supported, up and out of the bilge, but it takes a little finaglin to get them out of the boat if needed to, also the location of the anchor light smack in the middle of the Ttop. It's a decent size Ttop so anyone shorter than my 6' 1" would have a heck of a time tryin to reach it to fold it up or down as I can barely finger-tip turn the release nob on my tiptoes standing on the bow rail on the gunnel.

Dont knowwhere Wellcraft got that silver vinyl they use as a insert on the bolsters and seating, but it seems to fade and get brittle, but they did me justice and replaced mine under warranty, so the only thing I could offer up is dont get bolsters or seating with any silver vinyl on them if possible, or at least keep them covered/removed from boat when not using the boat.

I've got 120+ somethin hours on my hull and it's been trouble free, great ride! Would love to move up to the 29CCF or the 32 CCF Wellcrafts, would definately buy Wellcraft again! Friend of mine Rick in Orange Bch 'Bama has the 330 Coastal and just loves his as well.

[img]*ssBvDYFdlAj8SD6W317DjMhy6xPdcK nGXoAx7rMO7pJWYJwMM1K3s!fFu1CvL86RoKg90WSaFUYtH3e3 IlGqOTQI/100_0708.JPG?dc=4675546728858032514[/img]

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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have a 2001 Wellcraft 180 Fisherman with a Yamaha F115 which I am trading in on a Sailfish 2360. I would describe the quality of my boat as decent. I have had problems with my gunnel caps (which I have replaced twice due to warping), I have a small spot on my floor where the nonskid flooring chipped away (maybe my fault as I am not really sure how it happened), and the cushion on the leaning post had to be replaced because it cracked. I looked at the new 232 Fisherman's and it seemed quite a bit better in terms of quality and fit and finish. I have read posts on this site which seem to confirm this fact. The newer Wellcraft's are quite a bit more expensive then when I bought my boat but so are most other boat lines. I will say that the ride quality on my boat is pretty good for a boat of its size so I assume the 232 would be really good.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

what made you choose the sailfish over the wellcraft!
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Default RE: wellcraft boats

yankeewc - 3/24/2006 4:37 PM

one of the boats we're interested in is a wellcraft 232 cc . any input as to the build quality of this manufacturer?

I own an '04 Wellcraft coastal 270. Love the boat, minor issues resolved right away. Wellcraft's quality has improved over the early 1990's. I have not been on the CC for a sea trial but I am sure it too is a very good boat.

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Default RE: wellcraft boats

I walked this boat at our Delmar show, looked pretty good. I really was surprised at the beefy t-top. Very nice. I own a 2000 180 which i like enuff to have repowered with a 140 zuke. A very versatile boat which will get you home in some ruff stuff. I have replaced some hardware and beefed up the console with a layer of 5200. I have added 10 rod holders which has made the boat much fishier! The 232 was better finished and could of been had for 40 grand with nice double ax trailer. Jefe.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

i have a 2002 coastal - great boat!
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Default RE: wellcraft boats

I had a 1985 18 Fisherman that was a great boat except for the last 8 inches towards the stern. A fish box drained into a part of the bilge in which there were no drain holes to the bottom of the bilge. The transom cap leaked so the wood in the transom got saturated with fresh water very quickly. (A friend had the same model boat that had the same thing happen.) I got rid of the boat and did not replace it with another Wellcraft. That was about 15 years ago. Things may have changed.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have a 1997 Wellcraft Scarab 302 Sport. I've only hjad the boat for about 1 year (just over 100 hrs) and I'm impressed with the boat. I have some minor spiderweb cracking on the tops of the gunnels, but other than that it's in great shape. I ride the boat hard, too. Rarely am I going under 40 mph.

I'm guessing that the previous owner babied it, because it looks a lot newer than a 97 (a lot of people tell me that). When I purchased it, the surveyor was very impressed with the quality of the boat, too. Before surveying it, he mentioned that we shouldn't get our hopes up because he usually finds lots of problems in sport type hulls like ours that can't be seen by the naked eye until he starts getting "in" the boat. However, he said our boat was as good as we could expect to find for a 97.

If the boat is right for you, I'd go for it.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

The 232 is one of the best riding hulls Wellcraft produces, very smooth and dry! Sea trial it on a sloppy day and you will understand. The 20 degree deadrise and wide beam provide stability at rest and enough "v" to tame the chop. The enormous bow flair and deep entry slice the chop and keep you dry.
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I posted this earlier in another forum - worth reposteing here.

In 1995 I purchased a Wellcraft 238 CCF new from a dealer in Baton Rouge. It came with a 5-year structural hull warranty. In late 1999, with less than 1 month remaining on the hull warranty, I noticed some spongy spots on the fore deck, starboard side. There was apparently some delamination of the stringers that occurrig because of a small defect in the original build.

After the dealer verified the problem, Wellcraft offered to pick the boat up - but instead I drove it myself to Sarasota. The Wellcraft customer service representative took one look and said "no problem."

When I returend 30 days later they had pulled the Console, pulled the cap, and re-laid the stringers. They also reinforced the transom, updated all the wiring, installed new lights, new pumps, new switches, new hatch/hinge hardware, and the buffed the gelcoat and updated the graphics.

The boat was better than new. That was 6 year ago and the boat is holding up as solid as a rock!

The boat really has been a great fishing platform - and while it's no Contender, it gets the job done. One thing is for certain - Wellcraft stands behind their warranty!

Rex Caffey
Wellcraft 238CCF, Yamaha Ox66 225
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Default Re: wellcraft boats

I have a 1988 18' Fisherman one of the best boats i've ever had!!
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