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2004 Honda 130 Issues

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Default 2004 Honda 130 Issues

The family boat is a 2000 Cape Horn 24' with twin 2004 Honda 130s. One day the engines stalled out on us. We came back and found we had a lot of water in the fuel/water separator. Replaced the filter and emptied the fuel water separator on the outboard. We have had a lot of trouble keeping both engines running since. They keep choking out on what seems to be a fuel issue. Here is what we have done:

- Thought we may have a vent issue, ran the engines with fuel tank cap off, both engines run out of gas and cut off.

- The two engines were running off the same single pickup through 1 fuel/water separator. Installed two new lines, hooked up to second pickup, replaced old anti-siphon valve, installed two new fuel/water separators and lines. While removing the old anti-siphon valve on the pickup in use, it broke off. A mechanic replaced the old (in use) pickup with a new one.

- Now we have two pickups, each to a different motor. The new pickup (not in use before) is working great with the starboard motor. Port motor won't run for more than a minute without someone pumping the bulb. Switched fuel lines to different motors. The fuel line that was on the port side is working fine. The port motor will still not run with the "good" fuel line.

- Now we believe both fuel lines/pickups are operating as they should. Port motor still having issues. Both fuel filters in motor have been replaced. Fuel water separator on outboard is clean with no water.

- Fuel pumps were replaced about 6 months ago and operated fine for a while with no issue.

Here is a little more detail on exactly what we see. We pump the bulb tight on the port engine. Get motor to start and run fine for 30 seconds to a minute. It starts to stall like it is starving for gas. Pump the bulb and it continues to run, don't pump and it cuts off. With the cowling off we can see the internal fuel water separator is full of fuel, so is the visible fuel filter on the motor. However without pumping the bulb it does not appear like new fuel is entering the fuel filter. Thought it might be trash in the fuel internal fuel filter. It has been checked, looks clean and still new. Old anti-siphon valve is gone, fuel cap is off and still not running. Doubt it is a vent issue.

Boat has been to a qualified mechanic several times for new pickup, fuel pumps, etc. We are told it is running fine. As soon as it gets home we find it is not. We will go to a new mechanic next time but i am looking for some suggestions before I do.

Thanks in advance.
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If pumping the bulb keeps the engine running and the problem is happening only on the Port Engine with either of the two fuel lines and the Starboard engine will now operate properly on either fuel line then it certainly sounds like a problem specific to the Port Engine Itself.

If the Fuel Pumps were replaced 6 months ago and both engines ran fine for awhile, it sounds like you may have an early failure on the port engine fuel pump.

My next step would be to double check every connection and fuel suction line on the Port engine for a cracked hose or leaking filter cup gasket which could cause air to be pulled in to the LP fuel pump.

If this does not cure the problem I would then swap the LP fuel pumps between the two engines and see if the problem follows the fuel pump.

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