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The Original McKee Craft is Back

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Default The Original McKee Craft is Back

McKeeCraft Is Back
Hi again my fellow THT posters, friends and customers. It has been too long and I am excited to once again be in a position where I can post on THT. For reasons I prefer not to discuss, we found it best if I remained silent until some important issues were resolved. Now they finally are!

I really enjoy your comments and the dignity you all have been so generous withover the years even if we disagreed. This is a great web site because of all of you!

So I am creating this new thread to announce that McKee Craft is Back in business under myself Key McKee, and my father (The Founder), Lanness McKee. We are very excited and are working the long hours it demands to set up the new boat factory pretty much from scratch. I do have all my molds and most are in great shape with a few needing routine touch-up and buffing to the high quality shine and finish you are used to from McKee Craft.

Once we start up production and have the factory presentable I will share our new address and look forward to any of you who wish a tour. We would love to have you drop by. We are now named McKee Craft Marine Inc. and NOT affiliated with any other boat company. This new company is going to build the same quality McKee Crafts you all have known since 1964.

While you will see some major functional & visual changes in our boats,the High Quality "Pressure Foam Filled" Unsinkable Boats you have come to trust and have honored us by selecting our boats since 1964 will remain the same.

Please excuse my limited postings during the next few months while I get the factory operating, time is precious during a setup. I'm buying equipment, updating cost, modernizing the line, and dealing with government regulators.;?

As many of you know when I signed on to THT as one of the first boat builders and openly told who I was and encouraged your questions, comments, and concerns.You guys were great, even if you had a problem you all were kind and gave me a chance to resolve the issue. My staff was afraid that a few angry customers would blow me off the Internet, it never happened and I thank you all for being so easy to deal with.

One of my first posts was that I would answer any questions for McKee Craft or offer help on any boat line you need a pro's advice on, BUT, I said I would never speak against any boat line or offer an opinion of anyone's quality other than McKee Craft. Same rule still applies.

I will check on this new thread at least once a week & more when I can. I hope we all have fun and we learn from each other as in the past. Just don’t be too hard on me for not being able to reply as often as I would like in the beginning. Stay tuned I will be making an offer in the next few weeks that will benefit those of you looking for certain McKee Craft boats.

Thanks to the posters who have said hello over the last few weeks, it made me feel welcome and proud to be building McKee Crafts again. Oh yes, I’ll try to give you our schedule in a few weeks.

McKeeCraft Marine Inc.
Web Site and contact info to be released soon.
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Welcome Back, always loved your boats
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Whatever you do, please don't change that magnificent sheer line of the Freedom series....
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This is great news.
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This is GREAT news! Can't wait to see the new boats.
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Welcome back!!!!

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Originally Posted by Commocean View Post
Whatever you do, please don't change that magnificent sheer line of the Freedom series....
Agree 100%...imo prettiest lines on a mid size cc
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Welcome back, looking forward to seeing your new lineup and hopefully giving some input like -- I would love to see a nice 27-29' deep V pilot house with a stand up head, L-shaped passenger seating, big transom fish box and a removable rear cabin wall among other options. 😎

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Your boats are sexy! Welcome back, great news!
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Welcome back Key and we're all looking forward to seeing you and Lanness getting your great boats back into production and in the water. Most of us that were fortunate enough to own a McKee Craft have held onto them, as trying to find anything else of the size, quality and ride was nearly impossible. We're here to help and support, so lets get that name back on the water soon.
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Great news! Welcome back Key. Looking forward to where this is headed.

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Welcome back.
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Welcome back!!! Wishing you guys all the best
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Awesome......good to see a great manufacturer coming back!
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Welcome back.

Glad you are back in business!
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Awesome news, welcome back Key! You made a great boat and I am sure will continue to. I looked for a 24 for a long time, found it, jumped on it and not an ounce of regret. I live in Wilmington, give me a shout if there if anything I can do. Best of luck to you guys. I'll just leave this picture here.
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Very glad to see you'll back!
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This is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you guys come back
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Will the smaller McKees (under 20") be making a resurrection as well? Love my little 14' and would love to see a new 16'. Welcome back!
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I think this is a good thing for boaters and the boat building industry.

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