fuel level sensor gasket

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Default fuel level sensor gasket

I had water leaking into my gas tank and I'm removing a broken screw and re-installing this fuel level sensor. Once I clean the gasket should I put grease on it or anything before reinstalling?

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looks like you have some corrosion of the aluminum where the gasket mates -
that could make future sealing a challenge as it continues to corrode

the gas vapors rising up through that opening limits the choices of tools and techniques
plus whatever crap you remove can fall down into the tank

but I would be compelled to at least use a hand wire brush to clean that to bare metal
and then use some kind of Permatex "gasket sealer" product when reassembling
(and I might spring for a new gasket)
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Like Roger, I would suggest a new gasket and Perrmatex. I recently had my tank cleaned and had the same issue with corrosion where the seal contacted the aluminum. I was having trouble getting a good seal due to the slightly uneven surface until I used just a thin layer of Permatex on the new seal. I hear others have used JB Weld to create a smooth surface too.
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New gasket!
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Cram a tennis or hand ball into the opening to prevent crap from falling in while pertaining to.

Might want to puncture a hole through both sides and run a line though for retrieval if shit happens.

Just don't cram in beyond half way point.
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I'd carefully clean/smooth the gasket mating surfaces on tank-top and sender flange , then reinstall with a new Moeller kit of gasket and screws.
Amazon Amazon

it's usually best to avoid sealants unless the surfaces are really just terrible. Good gasket and 5 secure screws should seal well.

Since the 5 holes are not evenly spaced, it can be wise to mark across the sender flange and tank top before removal to simplify exact same reinstallation orientation.
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Absolutlely NO sealant.
The gasket is a rubber gasket, It is not designed for sealant and the sealant it's self can be detrimental to the gasket. Reason for rubber is to correct for small imperfections.
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