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Uniflite 42' Double Cabin Build

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Default Uniflite 42' Double Cabin Build

This is a little delayed because we have had the boat for about a year now and made alot of progress, but this will cover all the progress we have made on it. This is our first ocean boat and has been a huge learning experience, alot of searching has been done on these forums so this was definitely the place to post the build.

A little background, we had been looking for a decent sized boat for a while. There isnt a huge amount of them that come up for sale in Alaska so selection isnt huge. We had looked at quite a few but then we saw this boat and the layout of the double cabin was awesome. the salon and walk around decks, everything just seemed great. Surveys were good, all paper work was in order. The only thing is it had some wear, obviously what 40yr old boat wouldn't. We are all pretty mechanically inclined so a project wasnt a huge deal. We ended up getting the boat last summer.

About the boat
1976 42' double cabin
twin detroit diesel 6v53T's

when we first went to go check it out.

Name:  20150502_132441_zpszzormg4u.jpg
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That's a hell of a hull, looking forward to the build!
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first order of business was there was alot of wiring issues and all the old ancient electronics. We came up with a plan to redo it all related to the navionics, which is really where the wiring issues were. All other wiring in the boat was good but over the year the electronics got wires spliced and changed and modified into a mess.

We purchased a full simrad system for the boat, which we knew would fit in the existing console. We planned to basically build a complete new upper console, which started with lots of measuring and seeing what we were working with. Then moved onto drawing it up in CAD. Then we waterjetted the new panels out of aluminum.
the backside of the console in the salon

Name:  20150516_181944_zps2bpaulj8.jpg
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just for fun set the new screen next to the old stuff

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flybridge gauges

Name:  20150516_191818_zpsj2rc88lk.jpg
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drawing the new panels in CAD

Name:  20150517_155752_zpsvrngjwxr.jpg
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Name:  20150517_215642_zps3ptlgmlx.jpg
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after the water jetting, the new panels

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Name:  20150519_103016_zps1clar7d3.jpg
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test fitting before wrapping with new vinyl

Name:  20150519_182011_zpsymclukfi.jpg
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wrapped the panels with a new vinyl and started putting in the new gauges and electronics and switches. Also didnt have any rings for the gauges yet. The switch panel was done in wrinkle black.

Name:  20150520_200101_zps9hk37dnq.jpg
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for the flybridge gauges no vinyl, instead went ahead and just spun the aluminum using the drill press

Name:  20150519_193728_zpse655wel7.jpg
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Nice work!
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Missing alot of pictures during the proccess, but stripped all the old electronics out, alot werent even hooked up. Consolidated it for a cleaner look, built the back of the console up to fit new panels. Then we wrapped it in the same vinyl and started installing all the goodies. Our first time doing any upholstery like this and were happy with how it came out.

Name:  20150523_150339_zpsg82xg73i.jpg
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nice day so took a pic of the outside

Name:  20150522_193719_zpsoqweswjv.jpg
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during this process we were removing so much crappy wiring and replacing it and working all over the boat. we ended up making a new wiring harness for all the electronics and laid everything out on the decks and the pull it into the cabins. we also added all new senders to the engines for oil, temps, boost , etc.

Name:  20150613_103923_zpsiewynyxb.jpg
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curious what this monster looked like inside so we popped it open

Name:  20150613_113049_zpsvmjum2jr.jpg
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needed to make a new mount for the new simrad radar so back to the waterjet and welded up a mount out of stainless

Name:  20150625_163927_zpssfvuis5x.jpg
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Name:  20150625_220138_zpszxcayuq7.jpg
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also the old lockset was a very odd size, so waterjetted some panels to make a new set fit the door.

Name:  20150629_181159_zpsadmyezwi.jpg
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Name:  20150704_103401_zpsypxvlym7.jpg
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pulled the old johnson off of the whaler to replace with a new outboard
Name:  20150629_091549_zps7dnpnwhr.jpg
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continuing work on the console in the salon, put new carpet on the "dash" area. still need to finish side panels etc. will weld up some corner pieces and finish in wrinkle black for where the panels meet to hide it.

Name:  20150704_151535_zpsbllk2qv9.jpg
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Name:  20150703_223211_zpsj9view6k.jpg
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Name:  20150704_230545_zpsr9jla4ez.jpg
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the cubbys above couldnt stay either, so just a quick patch, reupholster and welded up a trim ring for the pocket, painted wrinkle black. mounted vhf, and carpetted the cubby

Name:  20150708_222944_zpsizklkmex.jpg
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Name:  20150711_194108_zpskp29cist.jpg
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new suzuki outboard for the whaler, amazing little motor.

Name:  20150710_204416_zpsuelfilph.jpg
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Size:  259.2 KB

mounted a grille
Name:  20150710_210003_zpst3tfzhdz.jpg
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Size:  248.8 KB

organizing some stuff on the aft deck
Name:  20150705_074032_zpsiuludi1g.jpg
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Size:  302.0 KB

cutting in new panels for the flybridge

Name:  20150710_210003_zpst3tfzhdz.jpg
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installed our new panels in the flybridge

Name:  20150711_201155_zpsf2rtb8le.jpg
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Name:  20150711_201206_zpsbtg8ng9n.jpg
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Name:  20150711_201212_zpsljc4tyvg.jpg
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a couple more pics of the salon console

Name:  20150711_201919_zpsc04ua3sa.jpg
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Name:  20150711_201911_zpsavqpwrqt.jpg
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was out and god some condensation in some gauges, no beuno.
Name:  20150719_1632490_zpsrf6bqwyw.jpg
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Name:  20150719_163253_zpslheii6n0.jpg
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beautiful day though

Name:  20150719_161040_zpsovurbhsi.jpg
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Name:  20150720_173925_zpsxzrqwlyn.jpg
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wanted some more light out back, so added some flood lights and led strip lighting, also color changing and dimmable

Name:  20150719_002036_zpsxdpllutn.jpg
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Name:  20150719_002335_zpswaeifzwh.jpg
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then we reached a point where we had spent a ton of time with wiring and all the work so spent most of the rest of the weekends in the summer just enjoying it

Name:  20150720_173918_zpszmwhmbpi.jpg
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Name:  20150727_183130_zpshlsenitd.jpg
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so we had always talked about redoing the boat but waited until we had it out quite a bit and decided what we actually wanted to do. A couple things came clear, the overall exterior was rough, the canvas enclosure on the flybridge was miserable to deal with, and the carpet on the decks was also a nightmare to clean and smelled. Last thing was a bowthruster to help with docking

so drew up some ideas for it, started in photoshop

Name:  20150806_225744_zpsvvqcaxnf.jpg
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Size:  239.1 KB

then went ahead and drew it

Name:  20150922_162817_zpswdtqprcv.jpg
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Name:  20150922_192222_zps03lftisx.jpg
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Name:  20150923_170203_zpsadxul2qo.jpg
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Name:  20150923_170212_zps9nvjsgvt.jpg
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Size:  484.5 KB

so we got ahold of a shop in Seward to talk about what we wanted to do (there is very few people down there who can do the work so turned out awesome that the shop we worked with has been great to work with and everyone has been awesome to work with and very happy with it)

up until now we had done everything on the boat as far as work went, but no way realistically we could do this. so we talked with the shop, and got them on board with what we wanted to do and hauled the boat at the end of summer. which this boat has spent its whole life in this port and the shop owner was very familiar with it, which was also cool.

Name:  20151003_143758_zps1ni34nqj.jpg
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Name:  20151003_144003_zpsej63a6ny.jpg
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Name:  20151003_144117_zpsdh43tagy.jpg
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Name:  20151003_144803_zpsfeou8g3e.jpg
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Name:  20151003_150508_zpsjqefcnas.jpg
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Size:  219.1 KB

So it begins!!
We are having an enclosed hard flybridge built and boat completely refinished

boat was moved into the shop and all prep work done, removing everything and then starting the new enclosed flybridge. It will be removable so we could pull the motors if necessary. they waxed the top rail and will do a release mold so it matches perfect. They are using a newer composite honeycomb type material that they cover in several layers of glass. Its crazy light, the whole top house will only weigh about 500 lbs. I forget the name of the material

Name:  20151016_151107_zpsq0gmbu1u.jpg
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Name:  20151016_151112_zpssgaviqam.jpg
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Name:  20151016_151153_zpsrtfliptg.jpg
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Name:  20151103_064237_zpstyaqvzcc.jpg
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Name:  20151103_064203_zpscqyynbfr.jpg
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Name:  20151106_042648_zpsvfdajnch.jpg
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Name:  20151108_050834_zps0bemr2oh.jpg
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Name:  20151108_050845_zpstcukyrwv.jpg
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Name:  20151108_051005_zpsjv61epzs.jpg
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Name:  20151115_095200_zpsjgz3ba4t.jpg
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Name:  20151115_095156_zps9dc1xyvu.jpg
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Size:  176.6 KBName:  20151115_095203_zpsusdvpomf.jpg
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Size:  419.0 KB
Name:  20151115_095809_zpsxp9lzxzo.jpg
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Size:  531.1 KB
Name:  20151115_101706_zpshovuaiwq.jpg
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Name:  20151115_100745_zps2ksnhffy.jpg
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Name:  20151108_051037_zpska33gfvs.jpg
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Name:  20151108_121436_zpsmhdkj9gp.jpg
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Name:  20151113_042457_zpspitrtvja.jpg
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Size:  62.7 KB
Name:  20151113_042507_zpss6jabsnf.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KB

pilot house molded and removed
Name:  20151209_150054_zpsrp5lsqj4.jpg
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Size:  180.9 KB
Name:  20151209_150329_zpsuprgkeug.jpg
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Size:  197.9 KB
Name:  20151209_151811_zps5l53lmhe.jpg
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Size:  147.3 KB

primer and blocking, 8" wesmar thruster

Name:  20160102_133846_zps04licsrs.jpg
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Size:  192.9 KB
Name:  20160102_133835_zps1evsbwlo.jpg
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Size:  179.8 KB

paint and non skid on decks also installing windows.

Name:  20160309_045907_zpsxoisjqe6.jpg
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Size:  42.1 KB
Name:  20160309_045802_zpslgirnney.jpg
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Size:  38.9 KB
Name:  20160309_050113_zpsojfd0dx9.jpg
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Name:  20160309_045926_zpsyavg0wlq.jpg
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Name:  20160309_050228_zpsgz7l8ob5.jpg
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Name:  20160305_094631_zpsscgzdvmw.jpg
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Name:  20160305_0946400_zpsgun9lug8.jpg
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Name:  20160305_094919_zpsiigjmu39.jpg
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Name:  20160305_094814_zpso4xdq6gl.jpg
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Name:  20160305_094819_zpsdrjkl45k.jpg
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Name:  20160305_095145_zpsggyb04j9.jpg
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Name:  20160305_095147_zpsotftb3ny.jpg
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Name:  20160305_095155_zpsxanc0cvc.jpg
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Name:  20160305_095601_zpso6lcctp0.jpg
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we had completely rebuilt the windows, new track, felt etc. turned into a nightmare to find the parts. and not cheap. We also went 15% on the windows and blacked out the frames

Name:  20160218_180227_zpsp9xnvq97.jpg
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Size:  183.9 KB
Name:  20160218_180332_zpsz4p0ppav.jpg
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Size:  495.4 KB

more progress pics! bow pulpit was redone as well. The port door trim will be changed to black from the wood. the door was rebuilt and they just used the existing wood for now.

Name:  20160323_151252_zpsytwy1ihy.jpg
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Size:  79.9 KB
Name:  20160323_151318_zpswe3ntdjr.jpg
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Name:  20160409_152209_zpspfdzrcbo.jpg
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and the pilot house on!!

Name:  IMG_2728_zpscwuxf6fw.jpg
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Name:  20160416_085042_zpsq9utgmp8.jpg
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Size:  238.6 KBName:  20160416_101318_zpsmhepsgdd.jpg
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also new lewmar h3 windlass

Name:  20160416_102027_zpsmbpvjzbe.jpg
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Name:  20160416_102022_zpsfyfgje8p.jpg
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Originally Posted by InternationalMarineBrian View Post
That's a hell of a hull, looking forward to the build!
Thats no joke, these old uni's are stout! Not the fastest or lightest but she is sturdy and sound.
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updated, added alot more pictures. Everything is now caught up to where the boat progress is now
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Great Job - And what an amazing place to boat
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WOW! Outstanding all the way around, thanks for sharing and welcome to THT.
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The pilothouse changes the whole attitude of that boat. Looks badass.

Awesome refit. Would love to see pics of the engines and staterooms, galley, etc.
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BadAss boat..!! You guys definitely had some vision.
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Originally Posted by Castrohasanafro View Post
Great Job - And what an amazing place to boat
Thanks! Alaska is one of the best places to boat, hands down. Not always warm but it has plenty of scenery and animals to see.
Originally Posted by SoulDeepDan View Post
WOW! Outstanding all the way around, thanks for sharing and welcome to THT.
Thanks!, had lurked for a while and read lots of threads on here, was time to finally join.
Originally Posted by burningdaylight View Post
The pilothouse changes the whole attitude of that boat. Looks badass.

Awesome refit. Would love to see pics of the engines and staterooms, galley, etc.
I totally agree, we defintely were a little anxious to see how it would turn out. Ill see if I can find some pictures of the interior, surprisingly I think we havent really taken many pics of the inside minus what the 2 surveys did.
Originally Posted by Reel E View Post
BadAss boat..!! You guys definitely had some vision.
Appreciate it! Its been a long road and still tons to do but its finally getting there!
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So the existing built in couch that converts to a bed is kind of a pain and not necessarily that great to sleep on. We were looking at maybe removing that and putting in a loveseat sleeper, has anyone done anything along the line of that? or possibly modified and existing built in couch to be more comfortable or easier to convert into a bed?

We are also thinking about removing part of the existing counter in the salon that backups to the galley, and adding a raised bar to add some stools at. One annoyance we found was that the windows in the salon are rather high to be able to see out of from the couch or chairs so if we put the bar in, you could easily see out while sitting in the bar stools.

did some quick drawings of possible layouts etc. Had to do screen shots as the jpg converter in autocad sucks.

this is the existing layout

Name:  ABENTEUER%20FLOOR%20PLAN%201_zpsnynvpzh9.png
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Size:  147.8 KB

layout with the sleeper open, and an extra chair, but only 2 bar stools

Name:  ABENTEUER%20FLOOR%20PLAN%202_zpshugvchld.png
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Size:  399.3 KB

same layout as above but sleeper closed

Name:  ABENTEUER%20FLOOR%20PLAN%203_zpsuu3d4uva.png
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Size:  384.2 KB

and same layout as above but with 3 barstools and removing the extra club chair

Name:  ABENTEUER%20FLOOR%20PLAN%204_zpsaaoeaedz.png
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Wow, very-very impressive! I subscribed!
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Originally Posted by Tiretyme View Post
Wow, very-very impressive! I subscribed!
Appreciate it! hopefully soon to be in the water!
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