Who pulls out?

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Have you considered your insurance? Most policies in the NE aren't year round.
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Originally Posted by Webber67 View Post
I pull out every time because I scared of having the inevitable accident from leaving it in.
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Originally Posted by JUST GOT RIVERRED View Post
The harbor did freeze over but I'm not sure how thick it got, did not have boat last winter. That's kinda what I'm thinking. My plan as of right this second is to leave slipped and complete all interior chores over the winter then in beginning of spring pull it cause o am planning on doing bottom paint, hull and topside - once temps are OK. Don't think bubbler is an option.
Based on the bold items above alone.... I would NOT leave it in the water for any reason.
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Originally Posted by JUST GOT RIVERRED View Post
Lol😁 As I mentioned, I'm inclined to leave it in.
My wife like it whenI leave it in so, we never pull it out.
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I obviously don't want to put my boat at risk but here's my thinking : if I put on the hard no work will get done over the winter because without a generator I will have no access to electric. Half the boats at the marina stay in year round and seems they make it OK. I plan on going to a new marina next year if I am able to purchase a slip that I like - its my own fault but the current marina owner told me specifically that my rate includes two haul outs / splashes a season, now he says he didn't say that and not in lease. I did read lease and was aware it was not in there and even though I knew better I trusted the guy, mainly because I was in a huge rush the day I did my paperwork.
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