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Has anyone been up the creek w/o a paddle & definately needed the uscg/uscg aux?!?


Has anyone been up the creek w/o a paddle & definately needed the uscg/uscg aux?!?

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Default Has anyone been up the creek w/o a paddle & definately needed the uscg/uscg aux?!?

I have....I was 17, I had a 17' Larson....needed lots of work but was cheap. I blew the 65 merc we had & put the 125 Chrysler that my dad got rebuilt....damn thing never ran right!!! It was july & hot as hell on the GOM. I wanted to go swimming in the gulf because it was a few degrees cooler than the canal we lived on. I knew the starter was weak & brought an extra battery just in case. I also knew I cut the anchor line last week when I got it lodged in some rocks/oyster beds....I was only going out to the flats on a nice day for a quick swim. I thought what could happen? So, me & my two friend swimming about a half mile off the islands of hernando beach. We were drifting south...I decided we were too far from the islands & chose to jump aboard & start heading back in. All went to plan, engine although a bit weak turned over. I revel the engine, worked the choke & thought all was good. Friends were over 100' ft from me now as the wind was picking up & skies turning gray to the north. I said all would be ok & is pick them up in a few minutes. I had 2 bottles of Pepsi, 2 gold watches on board, a gold bracelet & a motorola flip phone from '97 (batt only lasted 30 minutes). As I shifted her into gear she stalled.....and never started again! The gray sky turned to a wicked fast blow up of a storm & there was nothing I could do! I changed batteries but that did nothing. No anchor so I kept drifting. I had shorts on & I was very sunburnt! No cover to hide from the sun! My friends I had hoped made it to land....I however drifted south & west....rather quickly! As I drifted, I began to scour the boat for anything that may help me....I had a flare gun, fired twice & ignored/wasnt seen. I had the soda & the jewelry. I also found some 3/8" rope in a pocket & I was able to tie it to the battery caps & clamp it down with the wing nuts. After I was sure it was sturdy, I tossed it over. And watched it drag across the Sandy bottom for what seemed like forever....until it caught on an oyster bed. I was anchor, for now. But no one knew where I was. The loran wouldn't lock on, I was guessing at best. That crappy motorola lasted for nearly 12 hours!!!! I called everyone I knew, boat or not. Was able to get my mom a general idea where I was & the uscg aux was able to find me Still anchored by the battery. I was out there, alone & burnt to hell for ~ 13 hours. The phone, idk why it lasted so long?!? I knew not to leave the boat tho. It had a bad fuel leak from the tank under the front deck & I suffered some nausea from it but made it home.

I know those boys are out there & I am truly praying that they make it home. They will have an amazing story & new respect for life & boating.

I know they will be found!!!

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