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in2fishn 07-20-2015 04:44 AM

V/P shift cable sleeve leaking
I have a 2001 5.7 GXI that I suspect the shift cable sleeve is leaking on the transom shield. It seems that when I have several people on the boat, I start taking on water in the bilge. When the boat is sitting at the dock their is no leak from the shift cable. There is limited access to the area to see whats leaking. Its look like the compression fitting above the nut is rusted and causing the leak. Can the shift cable sleeve be changed without removing the engine and does anybody know the size of the nut on the shift cable sleeve?;?

Thalasso 07-20-2015 06:00 AM

That part is under water all the time no matter what.I would think having people on or not shouldn't make any diff.

in2fishn 07-20-2015 10:09 AM

when the boat sits at the dock its a very slow leak,when I look I don't see the water seeping in. But when fishing with gear and 4 people the bilge pumps goes off every 5 - 10- min. When I look with a flashlight, I can see water dripping below the driveshaft onto the transom shield but I can't locate where the water is seeping in. I pulled the drive to check the bellows and everything is dry gimbal bearing and universals are good there is no evidence of rust on the driveshaft so I suspect the leak is below the driveshaft. Also when I raise the drive with the motor running it seems like the leak increases. I believe the shift cable might causing the drive shaft sleeve to move and increase the water flow. It's been driving me crazy:bashhh:

Thalasso 07-20-2015 11:04 AM

It's a large file so be patient.

Volvo Penta SX and DP-S SternDrive Service Manual

You need to remove the drive and gimble housing to do this

Starts on page 45.

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