outboards vs. inboards

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Originally Posted by mercrewser View Post
Inboards get you a nod of respect
I think this is true to some extent.
Once you get it down it's pretty impressive how well an inboard, even a single screw can be maneuvered.

I've owned all three, the only one I would never own again is an I/O. 4-stroke OB is hard to beat for many applications.

I'm kind of biased as you can tell from my name on here.
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Originally Posted by Heyzipupyourfly View Post
also a fuel spill fire can happen on any boat, inboard or outboard so i feel that news link is a bad example.
Somewhere there was a guy on here that recently had an explosion because his outboard hull had no blowers installed. the thread escapes me but i remember reading it.
This is the link: .

Some O/B fans seem to think that O/Bs are immune to fuel vapor explosions, but unless an outboard-engined boat also has outboard fuel tanks or outboard electrical circuits, it can still light off a bilge full of gasoline fumes.

I know the OP asked about inboards, but I'm one of the crazies who likes owning an I/O, at least for a trailer boat. With a fuel injected I/O is reasonable working order, there is typically no gasoline leakage at all. When I shut down my I/O, my bilge smells like... warm air. I like the simplicity and corner-store parts availability of (essentially) a domestic pickup truck engine, and modern EFI I/Os have the same fuel consumption of O/Bs of equivalent power.
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I have straight inboard and fish ten months of the year. Low center of gravity is reassuring in snotty conditions. My prop is in a pocket on my Carolina style boat so shallow water is a passing thought. clean transom is fun to fish from. For true shallow running/fishing and family beaching I'd go outboard.
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Single diesel 30ft with no keel here. There is a bit of a learning curve. She'll make you look like a fool at the dock until you learn the boat. Its all in what you're used to. I'm comfortable doing my own mechanic work so maintenance cost isn't a big deal. I've had outboards also. Imo I want iron down low anything over 28-30ft for offshore use. As previously stated you will lose some speed going inboard but I personally think the pros far outweigh the cons on a "big" boat.
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thanks all. boat I'm considering is a pursuit 2800 offshore with straight inboards. i've been looking at the 2870 with twin outboards when I came across the version with inboards. I'll be using the boat 50% as a family cruiser and 50% fishing, I do both inshore and offshore fishing. Considering I keep my boats on the Merrimac River in Newburyport Ma the twin inboards are attractive for docking.

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I think that boat was designed for outboards and they are a better fit for that application. With the advent of modern high horsepower 4 strokes I would only look at diesel inboards inboards if I was buying an inboard boat.
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Originally Posted by Captain Crispy View Post
Outboard boats are faster because outboard boats are lighter, but in the slop everyone is going at 18 knots. Guess which one will ride better ?
Wait, what? I'm supposed to be slowing down in the slop?

With my 320hp Mercruiser I cruised at 24 kts and rarely had to slow down. With my OB's my cruise might be 30 kts (playing with props now) so I might have to slow down a little when it gets sporty.

I'll never say a bad word against I/O's but I think I'm going to enjoy owning and maintaining my OB's. I don't think I'm going to miss having to remove the @#$%^&* 800lb. cast iron exhaust manifolds to replace the damn starter every other yr due to sitting low in the bilge.

I'm not missing the engine doghouse either. Plus, there's the cool factor of twin OB's. This does not apply to 3 or 4 OB's. Sorry trip and quad guys, if your boat is so big it needs that then you need diesel. jmo.
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