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Buying out of state boat, what am I missing?


Buying out of state boat, what am I missing?

Old 06-10-2015, 07:53 PM
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I purchased a Florida boat in November and towed it back to Pennsylvania with me. Florida made me get a temp plate for the trailer, and pay sales tax on the trailer. It was credited in Pa so I did not pay it twice. Bill of sale on the boat, notarized, sufficed for me to register it in Pa. No taxes paid on the boat in Florida, just Pa. Also had to remove the boat from the state of Florida within 24 hrs of purchase, state rule of some sort.

My experience was rather simple, and smooth.
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Old 06-10-2015, 08:27 PM
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A bunch of ones for when you and your buddies hit the strip club on Friday night.
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Old 06-11-2015, 04:02 AM
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Default trailer jack

If it's a tandem trailer the best jack is 3 pieces of 2x8 screwed together and cut at a 30 deg. angle. Once you loosen the lug nuts on the bad tire, just put the ramp in front of the good tire on that side and drive it up (or behind the good tire if that's the rear one and back up).

Sometimes you just don't have a solid place to put a regular jack such as soft sand. I just bolt it to the front of the trailer so I always have it with me.
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Old 06-11-2015, 06:52 AM
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Default l.o.t.o to mass

Real long story short.

Wanted a boat in Missouri. Guy wanted cash, had title, said trailer and boat are ready to go.

Happened to have a friend planning to drive home from TX so I figured great, I'll fly out, inspect boat, ride home with friend towing boat. EZ!!!!

Problem 1. How do you get $45,000 cash halfway across the country? I googled horror stories of Homeland Security taking flyers cash for being suspicious of drug $, terror funds. So that wasn't an option. I finally decided to withdraw the cash from my bank and open a bank of America account so I could withdraw from a bank of America branch Missouri. EZ !

Problem 2. Good luck trying to convince a bank manager over the phone that in 2 weeks your coming in to withdraw $45000! That took 3 days and countless emails but was finally straightened out..... EZ !

Problem 3. The bank of America in Massachusetts coordinated and recommended a branch in Missouri for me that was convenient between the st Louis airport and LOTO but had no local knowledge of the area.....

Problem 4. The branch that had my cash was right on the city line for Ferguson Missouri and had 2 big ass armed guards outside with vests on. BIG PROBLEM. .... solution, go to the local Walmart and buy every crappy bear ghrills boonie knife, 2 box cutters, and a small chineese machete. EZ !

Problem 5. Trying to not draw attention to myself as I jock 2 leather bank envelopes stuffed with hundreds and calmly walking to the car with said envelopes grinding my D, a Chinese machete strapped to my leg, 2 crappy bear ghrills knives in my pocket, a box cutter in hand, and the other in my back pocket. Made it though. ... EZ !

Problem 6. I have to show up and meet a stranger with 50g ($45 boat $ & $5 travel $ )on my persons out in the woods on the "quiet" side of LOTO. ... solution, bust out my crappy bear ghrills knife again, and why not jam the bulk of my savings under the hood in the air box of my Toyota Corolla rental ?..... EZ !


Problem 7. I buy the boat, but my definition of good tires is different than the sellers. Yes they had plenty of tread but we're so dry rotted that I questioned if loading the boat would blow them out. Solution. Drive to every marina, Walmart, tire shop , etc within 30 miles. It's ez to find 16.5" tires on a Sunday in central Missouri! EZ!

Problem 8. I forgot my buddy had a p.o.s. ford diesel 6.0. It started showing signs of a head gasket going in w Virginia. EZ! I'll keep feeding it coolant and baby her back to Massachusetts.

Problem 9. That p.o.s. hydro locked in Pennsylvania. Solution I'll rent a truck and tow home, my buddy will rent a truck and dolly and tow his truck home. EZ!

Problem 10. They don't have readily available HD trucks in chickenfukkerville, Pennsylvania. Solution. I'll get a hotel and make my brother drive thru the night to rescue us 8 hrs away. EZ ! then my buddy can go back out the following weekend to trailer his truck home!

Problem 11. Trailer blow out in Connecticut. EZ


POINT OF STORY. expect everything to go wrong . Murphys law.
I know a lot of my problems were on the fact of cash coming into the equation. .....but still expect the worst case scenario ! And if it doesn't happen you got lucky.

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Old 06-11-2015, 11:22 AM
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I think I would have passed if the only payment they take is cash. Hope the boat was worth it.

I once was going to buy a used Porsche 944 turbo. After the test drive I was ready to deal, however the owner would not even take a cashiers check. I went so far as to offer 50% cash and 50% bank/ certified check and he said no. So I walked, just to many reason why someone may not want to have proof of the transaction.
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Old 06-11-2015, 12:07 PM
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My son (Gulfport, MS at the time) found his dream boat at a dealer in Ft. Pierce, Fl.
Got lots of photos, Agreed on price, contingent on successful survey and sea trial
Agreed that a wire transfer of funds from his account to the dealer's bank was acceptable
Found surveyor from advice here on THT; survey was thorough and professional, results were acceptable, so I drove my diesel PU down from TN with tools, floor jack, compressor to Gulfport, picked him up, drove down to Ft. Pierce, got into hotel room late, and went to dealer first thing next morning
Sea trial was successful
Trailer was as advertised - excellent condition, hubs serviced, solid spare
Wire transfer took a bit longer than expected, but no real problem.
Got Bill of sale, title to trailer, and away we went. Drove though the night, got to Gulfport.
Drove home to TN
Lessons learned: survey was critical, ask for lots of photos of boat and trailer, fully explore what dealer means by "trailer in excellent shape", check with your banker a third time to ensure he knows how much, and to where, you want the funds transferred, and have enough tow vehicle.
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Old 06-11-2015, 05:29 PM
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My experience was like LOTO, be careful.
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Old 06-11-2015, 06:05 PM
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Allow 2 days to inspect boat or at very least one FULL day. Don't take the surveyor's word nor the seller/broker, double check everything. The initial survey is only a first impression to see if the trip to sea trial/inspect is worth it. Have the engines surveyed. If in doubt don't unless the price allows enough room for later expenditures. Have bill of sale notarized-2 copies. Good luck!
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