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rest of story posted ten days ago if low/empty oil would trigger kill switch l

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rest of story posted ten days ago if low/empty oil would trigger kill switch l

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Default rest of story posted ten days ago if low/empty oil would trigger kill switch l

About ten or eleven days ago I posted about whether my 1996 Yamaha ( have twins) Old saltwater series ( carb) would shut off if the engine levels went too low. I confessed to being an idiot and lazy for letting this happen

Many jumped on me ( with justification ) but I didn't have time nor want to bore everyone with all the details but for those that read the post ( some were right in their anwers and others may have missed) I didn't take the time to explain that this boat is an old 24 whaler with twins that was hauled up from Texas. My previous boat was a 20 cc with the same exact saltwater series and never even came close to running out of Yamalube. The guy that sold me the boat told me that it was on a diet of merc oil as he ( and others) believe that the merc oil is better and also cheaper. He also told me that the oils don't blend all that well so to run the oil as low as possible in both tanks before switching over
Here is what happened ( now have all the details and believe the answers). When I first launched the boat the port side engine kept stalling at idle or dock speeds. This marina is new marina to me ( 15 years up near Gloucester and now close to the cape) and so wasn't the whole "feel" of running a boat with twins. That first launch was a bit chaotic as when the port engine stalled the alarm would go but the noise of the other engine had me confused with the noise of the good engine and even the controls ( neutral position) seemed a bit different.
The mechanic at the marina kind of chuckled and told me he couldn't even give me an idea on when he might be able to check it out. For those that have been there -- its a sick feeling.
I can't really tow the boat as even though its a whaler its one of the first generation 3 piece hulls and with twin engines is no lightweight. I did some digging and found a mobile outboard mechanic who told me that he was " Yamaha certified" ( had a mechanic later tell me that is basically a joke as Yamaha hands out those diplomas for spending a day or so) and he came to check things out. After about 45 minutes he told me that the 3 carbs had to be taken back to his shop for about a week. After many phone calls ( said was waiting for parts) he finally came back over two weeks later and after another hour told me that the 3rd carb was just too damaged by the previous mechanic to get it back on the engine properly. He then told me that I could use the boat but just shut down the port engine before docking. I am too embarrassed to write how much he charged me but before he left he told me once I got the new carbs he would return and replace them. I then later noticed a rather large plastic piece in my boat ( about the size of the top of a 6 pack/mini cooler) and when I called him he told me just to throw it in the center console as it wasn't that important ( later was told by three mechanics that is an " air box" and is indeed important).
So the day before this oil ( empty or low) post the new mechanic at my marina had offered to look things over on both engines to see what could be done. He called me on the way down and told me ALL the sparkplugs on the starboard side engine were so loose that you could easily remove them with your bare hands and there was oil everywhere from that. He also noticed the missing airbox on the other side and put that back in........

Now back to the point where I was just outside the harbor and shut down the engines to take a quick timeout and lower the vhf antenna and get the bumpers and lines ready. when I went to start the engines again the Good engine ( starboard side) kept stalling..........
I asked on the post if there was a cut off switch that kept the motor running if the oil tank was low or empty and got many opinions. I realized later that the starboard engine was indeed starting but that alarm ( I believed it to be the stall alarm) was the alarm warning of low oil and the rpm governor- combined with the noise of the port engine just had me thinking it was stalling after starting. I have a good friend who is a very experienced Yamaha mechanic and he was probably too busy to hear all the details but thought it was just coincidence that after I filled both tanks with Yamalube the starboard engine fired up after a few minutes.

now to my questions ( sorry for the long history there but felt I owed that to those who took the time to read my first post on this and give their opinions)

two Yamaha mechanic told me I was given horrible advice from the mobile mechanic who told me to use the boat with the broken 3rd carb as they said there is a good chance I may have ruined two cylinders

They also said the airbox also can cause damage if not where it is supposed to be
( text messages from the mobile mechanic prove that he isn't really a competent mechanic as he admitted on the texts his ignorance by asking me why the airbox was important )

Luck seems to come in streaks as that third carb is backordered until the end of sept ( close to our boating season) so I bought two new and two used # 3 carbs hoping that one out of the two used carbs will work
Obviously will know tomorrow or the next day if I need a new engine and will go deeper in to the budget and look for a used ( after a survey) pair of Yamaha 200's so I can use the came controls. Love to find the same OX 66's with fuel injection or maybe spend more cash and see if I can find a pair of HPDI's ( easier said than done) even though I had one mechanic tell me that they are too sensitive to our ethanol gas -- but the fuel savings looks really significant
The hull looks to be about 4 or 5 years old with no bottom paint and it rides really well in in choppy seas so would like to keep the boat as whaler only made that hull style/design for 3 yerars
in any event -- its been a tough boating season , if anyone has a lead on a pair of OX 66's
or HPDI's please let me know--unless I get some good news tomorrow that the cylinders are ok and the used carb works but not expecting that now
Thanks to those that read !!

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