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Default Bay Boat Opinions

Now I know opinions are like a certain body part but as I have been doing some research on the subject of Bay Boats, THT keeps popping up and I was also recommended by a friend to seek the opinion of this forum.

I will spare you my life story about growing up on boats etc. and I will just say that a recent trip to the Fl. Keys have me both depressed that I did not have a boat my family could enjoy and excited at the possibility of purchasing one in the next 8-12 months. I want to get back on the water and share the experience with my wife and 2 daughters (11 and 6) that I grew up with. Bottom line - I went to Hawks Cay and was landlocked for 4 days...F-ing hated it!!!

I am leaning heavily towards a Bay Boat due to the versatility and expense. I feel that purpose built boats IE flats boats do not offer enough room for outings with family and friends and true offshore CC boats would be too expensive right now.

I have looked around at a lot of Bay Boats (and plan to attend Orlando Boat Show in Jan) and I would like something middle of the road. I don't have the money for a Yellowfin/Shearwater and do not like the unfinished offerings of say a Kenner. I have been looking at the Sea Hunt 22 and 24BXBR and it seems moderately priced, well built and would be the right boat to provide the experience I am looking for. I would like to take the family snorkeling and diving (Keys), back country, inshore and some LIGHT offshore fishing and perhaps scalloping and general cruising.

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We have the Sea Hunt Bx22BR and love it. Goes shallow up the rivers and pick your days to go off shore. Have had it since 04/2012. Great boat for the money.
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Actioncraft. I have 2310 coastal bay and great family boat
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X2 on action craft
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Just fished my Sea Hunt BX 24 BR 2013 model 38 miles offshore yesterday. Caught some snapper and other stuff. They just redid the console on the 2015 model and tweaked a few other things. I want one lol. To me its about the best looking 24 bayboat on the market. Everywhere I go people ask me about my boat. I cruised at 30 mph out and 32 mph in.I burnt 28 gallons with a Yamaha 300. I turned 3400 rpms out and 3700 rpms in.U put the tabs down just enough and it rides very well in a chop and very dry.They are around 60 grand new. The SH BX 22 is very nice to.Rides just about as good as my 24.I have owned both. Great customer service to.The 2015 are coming out now. But there is so many bayboats to chose from.Plenty of good ones out there.
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west coast style
Dorado Avenger Sheaffer Gause Threadfin etc.

I also love the parker 2300 or 25SE. No womanly BS on a parker.
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Just sold my Action Craft 2310 to go larger. Similar situation at the time, wife and two daughters. Very versatile, easy to handle, fish inshore to 20 miles out, ski, etc. And with girls the porti potti in the console was a must.
Also, more storage on that boat than most others I've seen. My new Blackwood has about half the storage of the AC, and I sure miss that.
Good luck with your search!
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AC 2310 over a sea hunt any day IMO.
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Action Craft makes the best bay boat in my opinion. Fished many other bay boats and none have the overall design, layout, ride, performance, high gunwales combo like Action Craft! Good luck.
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I picked up a Sportsman Masters 247 last month and so far I've been very happy with it. No salt water yet but yesterday the wind picked up on the lake and I had to run seven miles into the wind and rain and you couldn't even tell the water was rough.
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I'm enjoying my key west 230 bay reef, great boat.
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I've been shopping for the last month or so for a bay boat and while not all brands were available to me here in Texas, I did compare Sportsman, Epic, Blue Wave, Nautic Star and Sea Hunt. Each boat had things I liked and disliked, in the end the one I chose was the Sea Hunt Bx22BR. Only been out in it twice but I love it!
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IMO, the Action Craft 2310 is the best bay boat out there for the money and overall ride. Ive fished just about all bay boats over the years. The Action Craft just feels the safest and the ride was excellent in the big chop but yet we got into some major shallow water.
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25 Shearwater. Great All Around boat.
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Lots of great input and boats mentioned here. You may as well put the Layton Bay 22 into the mix as well.
All depends on budget for starters.
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Sea Hunt is the undisputed king of value IMO. You can get a new 2015 fully equipped hard top fishing/family machine for under 50k. Pretty much any other boat with similar build quality will set you back 10k more.

Action Craft is an expensive boat by comparison. I won't argue which is the better boat but I know which is the better value. If you are in the Action Craft price range, I would also look at Pioneer and Blackjack in addition to others mentioned.
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Test drive them all. Let the ride do the talking. Figure out if you you will use the boat, inshore, offshore, family? Then decide, 24' is a big boat!
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