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Default anti fouling wax???

Saw a product yesterday at the marina that claims to be able to replace bottom paint. Supposed to be super slippery, nothing can stick to it. Forget the name, do remember it was like $45.00 for a pint size bottle. Anybody have experience with it?

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Default anti fouling wax???

Any wax will have some anitfouling properties until it wears off. If you trailer your boat and only occasionally leave it in the water for a week or so, waxing the bottom is definitely the way to go over bottom painting.
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Default anti fouling wax???

I do not know of a super wax, but I have used Liquid Glass Products for years on my cars and boats, they are not a wax. They have a web site where you can order the Marine Version. Or you can do as I do go to most auto stores and they will have it. Great stuff but will need to put more than one coat on it.
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Default anti fouling wax???

Aurora makes a bottom wax with antifouling capabilities. It does work as a real basic anti fouling, as I use it all the time when I am in the water for extended periods, usually at 2 wk intervals (Bahamas or Keys). It's not a long lasting solution, but I have found it to work.
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Default anti fouling wax???

If you are going to keep your boat in the water for more than a few days at a time, and you do not want the bottom paint look, you could try epaint. They have white antifouling paints that work and do not lose their effectiveness when out of the water. It is or I think. The Coast Guard and NOAA use theor paints. I dop not work for epaint, but I tried it this summer and it is working well.
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