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Default Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

I have never seen this boat except on their web site. Appears to
have great features. Would like to know about the rid, fit, finish
and personal comments.

Thanks, dick bay
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Default Re: Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

Dusky's are built like tanks and ride accordingly. They are rock solid boats and handle very well. From what I have gathered, their owners tend to hang on to them for a long time and turnover is not great in the used market.

The fit n finish is not great, but good. They are basic boats that are built for serious fishing, not showing off at the dock.

I have been on numerous Dusky's and am looking at getting one. Factory direct is nice, howevere it has its drawbacks - warranty work - you may have to ship the boat back to FL. You do get your choice of power, except Yamaha, which can be good or bad depending on your opinion.

If you start running up alot of options, the boats can get costly, so be honest with what it is exactly that you need on the boat.

The factory, I have found is PAINFULLY slow in retruning phone calls and e-mails - I liken them to the DMV in this respect.

I suggest shooting a PM to itWonder on this forum, he recently took delivery of a Dusky and can give you the best first hand knowledge that I know of.

Hope this helps.
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Default RE: Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

I fished the 23 and 25 a lot. Good boat for the frills, doesn't ride very well compared to other deep vee's but if you want a no frills fishing boat it's hard to beat for the money. I wouldn't want to make the runs offshore that we do in VA which are typically 55-65 miles each way unless it was relatively calm.
From what I remember, they can nickle and dime you to death on the "features" when you buy new. If you can install stuff yourself you'll save some cash. Back in 95 when I was looking at them you could buy a 25 with a 225 evenrude for 25K, by the time you added a bunch of features you were over the 30K mark, which is why I bought a Seavee instead.
Both boats I fish on are older, full of stress cracks in the gell coat, but they have been fished hard. The new ones look like they are finished off a little better.
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Default Re: Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

I loved my 17 Open Fisherman. The only reason I sold her was to move up to my Parker.
I'd buy another Dusky in a heartbeat.

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Default Re: Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

I took the trip to FL in the fall of 2002 with the intention of ordering a Dusky 23 CC. At the time I was split between a Cape Horn 24 Offshore and the Dusky. The Dusky seemed to be more in my price range, however after very close inspection, seatrial (25 cc), and selection of options, the price shot through the roof!

I was only able to seatrial the 25CC. It ran well in a 3-4' quarter sea at 30mph, however the cockpit was narrow and did not provide much room for multiple anglers and it was a bit tippy(listing) for me. The 23 would be smaller still. I took a tape measure to the stern and it measured (if memory serves) 6'-11" wide, where as the boats beam specs. indicates @8'. However the 8' was at mid ship.

I would agree that they are solid built boats with great lines, but after you add options, you may find there are other boats of equal or better performance/quality that would cost the same. I suggest that you check one out in person, before you buy.

Anyhow, I ended up with a 2003 Cape Horn 24 Offshore with twin 200 rudes, that has since found a new owner, as I was unable to give it the regular offshore sue that it deserves.

Best of luck.

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Default Re: Need opinions on 23 ft CC dusky

Not able to comment at this time
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