Water in Trim n' Tilt, no leaks...

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Question Water in Trim n' Tilt, no leaks...

Went to service my 2003 Yamaha F200 T&T because it was cavitating a bit at the upper end of the Tilt range. Added a couple ounces of fluid, cycled the motor five times, let it rest for 15 minutes, opened the service port, and cappuccino came pouring out...

There are no external leaks anywhere that I can see on the system, and everything works like it should. The dust boot on the tilt cylinder is crap (dry rotted and pooched out), but from what I've read, it's just a dust cap, not a seal. The trim cylinders appear to be in decent shape.

When I opened the service port, it was pressurized, (let out a hiss when I removed the bolt) so water shouldn't be able to get in through there, right...?

From what I understand, water can't get in if fluid can't get out.

So, right now I'm trying to figure out how to purge the entire system of contaminated fluid. I'd like to refill and try it in the water again before I tear into the cylinders if I don't have to. My homemade pin wrench isn't budging the caps, so I'm probably looking at major surgery.

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Has to be a leak somewhere in the system. Has to be a bad seal somewhere. It is possible to pull water into the system and leak a small amount of oil out. Just a couple of drops of water will create a milky mess.
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The dust cap is just a dust cap. But, it is there for a reason, to keep abrasive stuff away from the seal which is next in line. I bet your seal is abraded and is allowing a tiny bit of water in each time the shaft is retracted and it is wet. Little by little you get enough water to make a fancy coffee drink.
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The back side of the trim motor often rusts out to a pinhole. It's possible that the seal between the trim motor and the pump is shot and lets a little water through.
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I'm pretty sure the "dust cap" is actually a wiper seal. It should be in good shape to keep the shaft clean and keep the actual seal from being damaged from debris.
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Since I couldn't get the caps off, I ended up pulling the whole unit off the motor today and took it in for service and new seals all around.

That gave me a chance to learn my new engine a little by tearing into it and seeing how everything goes together, and to also get a nice close-up inspection of the innards. Come to find out, I need a new external trim switch (broke clean off…), and the rubber boot that both the trim motor and sender wires go through the cowling (dry rotted and torn).

Not my ideal way to spend the weekend, but it's better than doing laundry.
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