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Question Yamaha 250 XA or XCA?

XA 3.3l and remote mechanical control. XCA 4.2l and digital/fly by wire, correct?

Was the DEC system prematurely released or prone to electronic glitches? Is the mechanical control unnecessarily antiquated? Anyone been dead in the water without throttle control with a DEC? Please enlighten me if I'm missing something or a lot about DEC. MY car and truck have it so it's not exactly voodoo. And what do they mean by remote mechanical anyways? As in remote throttle and mechanical shift, whereas DEC is digital both?

For a 3600# +/- dry weight boat with engine, two people and 50 gallons fuel is the difference between 3.3 and 4.2l going to be significant holeshot or top end? Would adding another 800# of people, gear and fuel be likely to make the 3.3l struggle relative to the 4.2l?

I'm a believer in the adage of "cubes rule", so the 2.8l 200 is off my list. But there is also a point of diminishing returns due to fuel inefficiency as well as initial buy in.

Any and all feedback is appreciated

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